Fantini is a typical example of an Italian design factory, a family business established in 1947 by brothers Giovanni and Ersilio Fantini, a place with immense creative intensity that manages to combine great hand-crafting skill with industrial technology and processes.

Fantini is in Pella, on the shores of Lake Orta, a small lake set among the mountains of Piedmont: it’s a sort of genius loci, an ideal location where the constant presence of water and the serene atmosphere it creates are the premises for work and creativity.

Water, so constantly present in the everyday life of the company, is the underlying theme of its history that is based on a number of fundamental values: passion for work, ethics, professionalism and respect for people.

Design has been part of the company’s genetic makeup since its very foundation, and the strength of its products lies in technological innovation combined with the creative contribution of talented designers.

Indeed, for more than fifty years Fantini has been designing and manufacturing innovative products that have become an international benchmark in the evolution of sector design. The company has undergone great technological advancement over the years, through research that has led it to create increasingly sophisticated, high quality products that have earned it widespread international acclaim. The company now sells its products in over fifty countries worldwide.

The search for quality is a strategic target that sees the company committed on all fronts every day, from product design to the ongoing innovation of all production and management processes.

The company is also committed on a social level and has finalized several initiatives through the years. Among them, the project “100 Fontane: Fantini for Africa – the construction of an aqueduct in Masango, Burundi – and the S.A.I.L.I.N.G project, an intensive scientific/photographic project in collaboration with the CNR (the Italian national research centre) to monitor the quality of the waters of Lake Maggiore and Lake Orta.

Ideas, projects, energy, design, innovation, beauty, invention, technique, harmony, passion, modernity, excellence, quality, research, perfection, clarity, technology, care, efficiency, ethics, know-how: these have always been the guiding lines of Fantini’s development strategy, to give water its best form.


Fratelli Fantini Spa

via M. Buonarroti, 4
28010 Pella

T: +39 0322 918411
F: +39 0322 969530

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