Design as an experience

Valencia-based Clap Studio creates experiences through interdisciplinary interior design, product design and artistic installations. With their work, Jordi Iranzo and Àngela Montagud strive for attributes such as simplicity, elegance and frolic, creating a stage-ready aesthetic.

Linda Pezzei: Àngela, what makes the wide range of projects from interior design to products to artistic installations interesting for you?

Àngela Montagud: We are really interested in everything that is used to create something. For us, it's normal to think about improving things - whether it's spaces, products or companies. Design and architecture have always been our passion. We are interested in the effect a space or a product has on its users. It fascinates us to create experiences that are remembered over time, so that they never disappear.

Is the key to making design an experience not to take yourself too seriously?

Àngela Montagud: We really take our work very seriously. We are 100 per cent committed to achieving unique and innovative results. We are not satisfied with a good result, we want to achieve something extraordinary. But it's true that we enjoy the whole process and every step we take. We believe that designing spaces that entertain or inspire the viewers is indispensable to our work.

A project you always remember fondly - and why?

Àngela Montagud: I can think of several, but perhaps our first 360 degree project, for which we designed the identity, the interior and the website: Little Stories. We remember it fondly because it was the first one we dedicated 200 per cent of our time to. We achieved incredible results with it, which were also recognised internationally.

You work with brands like FILA, Lexus or World Design Capital - what mutual value do you see in such collaborations?

Àngela Montagud: Learning and experience. We think ourselves into each of our projects and into each of our clients, whether they are projects for big brands or for start-ups. Getting to know our clients, their goals and expectations is always a challenge and our starting point to create something unforgettable in the minds of their target groups. At the end of the whole process is a joint project that has made our professional relationship even more personal; many of our clients are now close friends.

How important do you think it is in today's world to think design and marketing holistically?

Àngela Montagud: This is a must for all brands today. We have to develop strategies that include all channels through which we communicate with our target group. This means that online and offline communication must be homogeneous. We need to tell a coherent story that the public perceives and understands when they are in our premises, when they visit our website or social networks, or when they interact with one of our employees.

A product or project that you would like to realise in the future?

Àngela Montagud: Quite a lot! We can't name just one. We love designing shops that tell much more than just the sale. On the other hand, we appreciate gastronomy, so restaurant design is something that is very close to our hearts.

Àngela Montagud and Jordi Iranzo