Future luminaires

LG has launched mass production of its “Gen 5 OLED” light panels and presents the OLED displays under the brand name "Luflex".
by Anna Moldenhauer | 1/8/2018

OLED, which is short for “Organic Light Emitting Diode”, has been a topic in the lighting industry for some years now. Hitherto, this alternative to LEDs was quite expensive – the lighting company LG has set out to change all that and has now commenced mass production of its “Gen 5 OLED” light panels in Korea. The OLED displays will be available under the brand name "Luflex" in the future. These organic light diodes, made mainly of carbon, are thin and flexible and can be used for countless applications. “Luflex” can be shaped in curves and spirals, and can thus be used for interiors, mirrors, automobiles or even entertainment electronics. The dazzle-free light emitted seems natural and meets all the requirements for human centric lighting, which in terms of light color and temperature takes its cue from the human biorhythm. The robust light panels require no UV radiation, consume little energy, and hardly develop any heat.

LG Display Flexible OLED light panel