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The products by Gira allow all the technical components in a building to be comfortably networked.

When the inhabitants of the spacious single family home in north-eastern Bavaria wake up in the morning, all they need to do to make their start to the day perfect is press a button: This activates not just the lights and the window louvers, but also the coffee machine in the kitchen, and the music system, which fills the rooms with gentle sounds. The choreography is invisibly controlled by technology by Gira: The functions of the electronic appliances in the house can be easily pre-programmed using a KNX system, with the Gira QuadClient functioning as the user interface. In this way, users can monitor the current status of the washing machine or change the playlist for the music system. In addition, tactile sensors with the discreet design of the Gira E22 switch have been installed at central positions in the house: Behind these lie the bundled functions. Accordingly, the simple press of a button enables users to select a previously defined program – such as the wake or sleep mode. In the evening, inhabitants can as a result switch off the lights throughout the house, lower the blinds, and deactivate any sockets not needed for important consumer appliances. And the system reminds you if you have left be any windows or doors open in the house when it is time to go to bed.

The front-door intercom can also be comfortably used on each floor thanks to the Gira G1. While on holiday, users have access to a presence simulation, a function that can likewise be controlled via mobile phone. Moreover, heating technology and water treatment of the large energy-efficient building is automated, from the water sprinkler for the lawn to the activation of the radiant heaters. Thanks to the Gira visualization on the home server, inhabitants can select and control all relevant functions. By the same token, data relating to energy resources in the energy efficient house – namely on the photovoltaic modules, solar thermal energy, geothermal energy and buffer storage – is simple and easy to trace. The brain of the large building is located in the cellar: The Gira Facility Server is the central control hub of the single-family home. It is from here that all the information is retrieved, analysed and distributed to the drive components in question. (am)

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