Patterns and structures from different cultures are combined in a new way.

Cultural Explorations

Tradition and modernity: Cultural influences and techniques from all over the world meld to form a new, urban dimension.

In our globalized world, the admixture of different influences spawns urban multi-cultures. In the field of textiles this is expressed in arts&crafts structures and patterns that are refined graphically and given perfect lines. “Urban multi-culturalism calls for a new, less authentic aesthetic in which ethnic influences are distilled from all over the world to create an ultramodern international style,” comments Natalie Weinmann of Carlin International.

To this end, earthy, warm colors such as beige and nude are supplemented with warm pure orange and deep red, and then rounded out with azure and deep grey. In combination with traditional weaving techniques, the result is an ethnic look that creates a new aura for urban textiles.

Traditional weaving techniques are integrated into new production processes.
Saturated warm colors such as pure orange and brown are given zest with cool azure accents.