At the heart of Heimtextil is the Trend Space under the motto "Toward Utopia", which was realised in collaboration with the Frankfurt studio Markgraph.

Stylepark Heimtextil 2019
Back to the future

The forthcoming Heimtextil is themed as “Toward Utopia” and represents a return to fiction becoming reality for the trend space.
by Anna Moldenhauer | 11/23/2018

Taking place from January 8 to 11, 2019, Heimtextil in Frankfurt/Main represents the largest international trade fair for home and furnishings textiles and is therefore a firm fixture in the calendars of design experts. With optimized hall planning and enlarged exhibition spaces, the new exhibition concept provides for themes and product segments to be grouped together according to the relevant target groups. The core of Heimtextil is the trend space going by the motto “Toward Utopia” – a trend and inspiration center that has been set up in cooperation with Frankfurt design studio Markgraph. As in previous years, the corresponding trend book has been developed by British design research agency FranklinTill. For “Toward Utopia,” Kate Franklin and Caroline Till have distilled current social trends to identify five key areas of longing: “Pursue Play,” “Seek Sanctuary,” “Go Off-Grid,” “Escape Reality,” and “Embrace Indulgence.”

The Trend Council members FranklinTill Studio, Spott Trends&Business and Stijlinstituut Amsterdam have developed a global vision of the upcoming interior trends.

“Pursue Play” focuses on the unconditional desire for play and escapism into creativity. The strongly graphic patterns, with their geometric forms and bold primary colors, are reminiscent of the designs by Milan-based design group Memphis.
“Seek Sanctuary” describes the need for clarity and mental recovery in these times when we are faced with a constant flood of stimuli. The trend is characterized by aspects of minimalism and the shift in values back to the essentials. Entirely in the spirit of “less is more,” the appreciation of selected pieces creates an unembellished aesthetic, with the result being a space in which visitors can slow down and focus on themselves.
“Go Off-Grid” reflects the longing for a connection with nature, whereby direct, authentic experiences, the allure of the unpredictable, and the protection of the ecosystem are all key areas. Delving into the realm of nature offers an alternative to the expectation of permanent contactability. Instead, the focus is on a simple, active life that requires robust gear.
“Escape Reality” describes the sanctuary of media consumption, in which the boundaries between fantasy and reality become blurred. The digital presentation becomes increasingly tangible and translates into dynamic designs and seemingly fluid patterns that appear futuristic. “Embrace Indulgence” looks to the past, reveling in nostalgia as a means of seeking solidity and meaningfulness in an age that is characterized by uncertainty. For this, the luxurious Art Deco aesthetic offers a rich palette of warm colors and engenders a new appreciation of high-quality products. What is common to all the trends is the search for belonging by means of individual value systems which, after times of thoughtless consumption, aim to pay greater heed to that which is unique.

"Seek Sancturary" describes the need for clarity and mental recovery in times of constant sensory overload.
"Off-Grid" reflects the desire for a connection to nature in which the direct, authentic experience is central.
"Escape Reality" characterizes the place of refuge in media consumption where the boundaries between fantasy and reality blur.
"Embrace Indulgence" looks back into the past and, in a time marked by uncertainties, seeks stability and meaning in nostalgic indulgence.
"Pursue Play" deals with the unconditional desire for play and the escape from the world into creativity.