The right trend for everyone

The mysteries of red and blue, minimal and opulent, nature and urbanization – the Theme Park at Heimtextil 2018 shows what trends will shape interior design.
by Anna Moldenhauer | 11/27/2017

The Theme Park at the upcoming Heimtextil trade fair has taken as its motto: “The future is urban”. Under the aegis of Franklin/Till, a British studio engaged in design research that provides advice on future trends, design agencies from seven different countries sat down and thrashed out a global vision of the trends they believe will shape interior design in future. An overview of the five design and color trends:

Relax/ Recharge

It is a known fact that colors influence our moods and feelings – in the case of red and blue the current findings might come as a surprise, however. Contrary to the popular opinion that red has an energizing effect and blue a calming influence the latest studies prove just the opposite. The trend entitled “Relax/Recharge” exploits the power of color in interiors on walls and on floors so as to bring back equilibrium to our overstimulated energy levels. 

Perfect Imperfection

Visualizing what is both unique and attractive about imperfection: “Raw” surfaces are experiencing a revival. According to Franklin/Till this includes accepting and embracing the variations in traditional craftsmanship such as dyeing using indigo or salts, but also weaves that reveal how they were manufactured and seams that are not only practical but also serve as decoration. This coarse aesthetic lends objects a story and consequently an authenticity – at least a supposed one.

Soft Minimal

Urbanization and a shortage of space turn urban populations into modern nomads – so the theory. Which is why space-saving, flexible furniture and furnishings are in demand. Consumers are abandoning quantity and fast consumption in favor of high-quality, durable products that are multi-purpose yet still appear elegant. Subtle pastel shades, complemented by matt black and materials pleasant to the touch like felt, linen and bouclé yarn make for a feeling of coziness.

Adapt + Assemble

No superfluous ornamentation and simple connecting elements: By reinterpreting industrial materials, the “Adapt + Assemble” trend produces playful fittings that are easy to transport. Graphic, geometric patterns are combined with bright primary shades. Rather than concealing the traces of the techniques and work processes used, the creative process is emphasized. Digital manufacturing technologies such as laser cut and 3D-printing underscore the experimental character.

Urban Oasis

It is nothing new for urbanites to seek refuge in a garden. However, according to the Franklin/Till trend studio it need not be a trip to the park, because nature can come to your own home. Specifically, in the firm of prints, patterns and textures inspired by flora and fauna. Dark forest and sage green, heavy weaves and textures that imitate and reflect nature offer an opulent haptic and are relaxing to look at. Marbled surfaces, matt pale pinks and metallic details create subtle contrasts and direct the gaze through the green jungle of organic structures.