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A clean solution

conmoto founder Johannes Wagner is offering innovative hygiene solutions for public and commercial areas in the form of a new label -
by Fabian Peters | 6/9/2020

Even luxuriously appointed boutiques and carefully designed head offices have to pay the price for the presence of the Coronavirus. And it is not only hideous disinfectant dispensers, torn-open packages of disposable face masks, boxes of paper towels, and large rubbish bins that are currently teaming up uneasily with designer tables and custom-made reception desks, but so too are bottle deposit machines or the bread counter. Makeshift solutions have been hurriedly concocted in offices and stores in order to ensure compliance the new hygiene regulations and to make certain that staff and clients are afforded the best possible protection from infection. It is fairly safe to predict that at least some of these measures will not only be of a temporary nature. After all, the COVID-19 pandemic has shown us all too painfully just how rapidly a vicious virus can spread around the world today.
In response to the current situation Johannes Wagner, founder of furniture label conmoto, teamed up with designer Carsten Gollnick to develop a modular hygiene system called “” that he markets under the eponymous brand. “ Station 1” consists of a base or bottom module that can be expanded by adding a module on top. The lower module can be equipped with a maximum of four dispenser units for face masks, disposable gloves, paper towels or disinfectant wipes for surface cleaning. Alternatively, the bottom module can be used for a waste disposal bin with an insertion opening.

The top module is exclusively used for hand disinfection. The touch-free dispenser is concealed elegantly behind a mirror. Thanks to the angled side sections it is possible to arrange six stations in a circle to form a standalone hygiene unit – a practical idea for busy areas. All the elements in the system are made of sustainable, FSC and PEFC-certified compact density fiberboard. The unit comes in two different colors: Anthracite and white. These neutral shades and the product’s purist design mean “ Station 1" can be integrated seamlessly into virtually any setting – while providing an attractively designed, long-term hygiene solution in response to the challenges presented by the pandemic.