Excellent hospitality

This year, for the 67th time, the iF Design Award 2021 has honoured a variety of exceptional design ideas. We present a selection of the design products that perfectly underline stylish hospitality.

"This is the ideal combination between functionality and aesthetics! 'Cacho' means bundle in Portuguese and is a modular, wall-mounted wine rack that could easily be mistaken for a work of art. This fabulous design from Brazil can liven up any living or dining area. Let's hope that more items will be added to the series!" was the statement of the jury when awarding the iF Gold Award 2021 to the "Cacho Wine Stand". With modular construction and minimal use of materials, the form by Móveis James Ltda. and Choque Design offers the possibility of storing a large number of wine bottles lined up vertically. Meanwhile, the forward-curved shape of the respective holders protects the bottle. Depending on requirements, the "Cacho Wine Stand" with finishes in black, brass or copper can be positioned discreetly or as an eye-catcher in the room.

"Rocks" is the name of the glass collection by Zone Denmark and Mavro & Lefevre, which was developed to optimise the enjoyment of drinks: From lowball glasses to highball glasses, the bar concept offers six different mouth-blown crystal glasses and a carafe that is striking in its design. The conical shape ends in a reinforced base, so that the glasses always stand well and at the same time offer a pleasant feel. "Clear lines, minimalist and a new modernity in glassware: the Rocks Crystal glass series is simply exceptional. The base is solid and yet appears light and almost floating. The company's handling of its ecological footprint is admirable, including the packaging," was the statement of the iF jury, which awarded the product the iF Gold Award 2021.

Usually with a transparent plastic housing and clunky shape, water filters are often impractical to use and take up too much space on the worktop. Shenzhen Yimu Technology have now developed a portable water jug that has two tanks that can be filled individually. Water can thus be purified in portions as needed, which promotes a thoughtful use of the resource. Meanwhile, a timer on the top indicates the filter performance. Thanks to its cylindrical shape and narrow dimensions, the jug also fits in the refrigerator. With a matt finish, variants in white, black and rose and a minimalist body, the water filter can be pleasantly unobtrusively integrated into the interior.

Kagura has designed a decanter made of resin that makes it possible to preserve open wine for up to 10 days without it losing quality or taste through storage. 760 millilitres fit into the vessel, which is fitted with a floating lid. This allows the wine to breathe, but contact with oxygen is still minimised to such an extent that oxidation can be delayed - up to a period of ten days. A small tap made of stainless steel enables the wine to be filled in portions as required. With an elongated shape and in three colours as well as a transparent version, the decanter is ideal for both domestic use and in the catering trade.

"Hypnose" is the name of the tableware collection by Kütahya Porselen Sanayi A.S., which consists of 100 per cent recycled porcelain. Its different colours are combined in a vacuum-pressing process to create new, flowing patterns that make each bowl and cup in the collection a unique piece. The spectrum of natural shades ranges from dark brown and jade green to terracotta and light grey. Versatile in use, the collection is intended to raise awareness for the responsible use of resources.

Koizumi Seisakusho has designed the "Kanpai Bell Pair" liqueur cup set in collaboration with Yuichiro Oka from Tug-Design. Made of lead-free brass, the material produces a particularly clear clink when toasted. Each 75 millimetres high and available in the colours black, white and gold, the sets of two can be wonderfully combined with each other and stacked on top of each other to form small, cone-shaped sculptures when not in use.