New ideas for gourmets

The ideal symbiosis of function and form is very much in demand in the kitchen - anyone who likes to cook appreciates when products are well thought out down to the last detail. The iF Design Award 2021 serves as a good guideline for evaluating the multitude of products on offer. We present ten award-winning kitchen gadgets to you.
by Anna Moldenhauer | 7/20/2021

Since 1950, Asko has stood for maximum user convenience, clear design and water- and energy-saving premium appliances. The Swedish company's latest developments include "Asko Celsius°Cooking", a range of intelligent induction hobs and cookware with precise temperature control. The system consists of an induction cooktop with an intuitive user interface, pans with built-in temperature sensors, a probe and an app. To precisely control operations, the components communicate wirelessly with each other. A pan that is too hot, pots that boil over or food that burns are thus a thing of the past. The app also offers video-based recipes with preset temperatures.

An all-rounder in the kitchen: "Chef XL" from Kenwood Cooking helps with the preparation of food with extensive functions, be it cutting, mixing, grating, grinding, chopping, weighing or dicing. The 4.3-inch touchscreen gives you a good overview of the temperature, speed and timer, and you can intuitively select the functions and also choose from a variety of recipes. Thanks to an integrated induction plate, ingredients can be heated directly in the "Chef XL" food processor as desired. In addition to the control buttons, control is also possible via an app.

A modular equipped kitchen sink from Elleci, which can be equipped as needed: The basis for "Dialogo" is the workstation with oversized main tank, which provides better water flow thanks to a raised inclined arch. A rail made of composite material, on which all kinds of utensils can be placed, can be placed on top of it. Other accessories made of aluminum, silicone and polypropylene can be added, whether for draining dishes, holding cutting boards or elegantly covering the sink. This easily turns it into a multifunctional work surface. With its anthracite finish, "Dialogo" also presents itself in a timeless design that blends pleasantly unobtrusively into the living landscape.

The Philips Essential Airfryer XL hot air fryer can do more than just frying: Baking, roasting or grilling are also possible. The fast-circulating, hot air is optimally distributed via the Twin TurboStar hot air technology and thus ensures uncomplicated preparation. Large amounts of fat can be avoided, as can cooking odors: thanks to an integrated air filter, food can be cooked odor-free. The "Essential Airfryer XL" offers a capacity of 1.2 kilograms and thus plenty of space to prepare even larger portions quickly and easily. The Philips NutriU app also offers many suitable recipes. The compact design in black including the QuickControl knob looks elegant - especially in open kitchens, the Essential Airfryer XL from Philips cuts a fine figure.

LG Electronics offers "HomeBrew", a capsule-based device for brewing beer: The brewing process is automated and can be controlled via an app. There is a total of five beer varieties to choose from, which are produced via the mixtures of malt, yeast, hop oil and aroma in the disposable capsules. The brewing process takes about two weeks and promises up to five liters of beer as a result. Once the brewing process is complete, it is stored in the "HomeBrew" tanks under perfect thermal conditions.

Mysoda is showcasing "Woody," a water sparkler whose body is made of 99 percent renewable biocomposite. Available in five contemporary colors, the body features subtle wood fibers on the surface that offer a pleasant feel in addition to a natural look. Consisting of a water bubbler, a refillable carbonic acid cylinder and a reusable water bottle, the product's carbon footprint is significantly reduced. For the exemplary combination of minimalist design and environmentally friendly material, the jury presented "Woody" with the iF gold award: "This product is the perfect embodiment of good design principles and is so convincing on many levels. It is visually appealing and useful, ecologically forward-looking and pioneering in the use of wood materials. In every detail, the Mysoda 'Woody' is a beautifully designed product. Impressive!" is the statement.

A refrigerator in a class of its own: "TCL C12" from TCL Home Appliances can do much more than just keep food cool: In addition to controlling the cooling, the 21.5-inch smart screen on the right-hand door can also be used to call up news, music, videos and recipes. Bacteria and odors are also minimized thanks to an integrated ionizer and the use of blue light. Equipped with two double doors and numerous compartments, "TCL C12" offers plenty of space. The design with mirrored glass and brushed metal is restrained and does not let the dimensions of the refrigerator appear dominant in the room despite its large capacity.

The "Tmall Genie MiaoWu & Greenis" collection of electronic home appliances from Ningbo Greenis Home Appliances has recently been expanded by a small, multifunctional soy milk maker: It has a capacity of 350 milliliters and can produce fresh soy milk from soy beans and water. If soups, juices or cereal drinks are required instead, there are suitable functions for these as well. Control is possible via voice as well as via smartphone. The design of the smart kitchen helper with rounded edges and accents in apricot from Zhejiang Tmall Technology Co. also gives "Tmall Genie MiaoWu & Greenis" a high recognition value and, in combination with the compact dimensions of the devices, has a pleasantly discreet effect, especially in small kitchens.

V-Zug is one of the winners of the iF Design Awards 2021, receiving more than one prize for its product range: The new generation of ovens and steamers in the "Excellence Line" and the "Adora V6000" dishwasher with OptiLift received awards. All appliances in the "Excellence Line" have been reduced to the essentials and are available with mirror glass fronts in black or platinum. Thanks to the standardization of the panels across all products and the corresponding design adaptations, ovens, steamers, coffee centers, dishwashers and WineCoolers can be combined with each other as desired. The ovens and steamers can also be operated via a large touch display with CircleSlider. The "Adora V6000" dishwasher with heat pump, meanwhile, offers a time- and resource-saving, flexible and convenient dishwashing machine for private households. Thanks to OptiLift, the lower basket is raised to waist height when the dishes are pulled out, making loading and unloading easier on the back.

The portafilter espresso machine "nunc.", Latin for "now", from the Phoenix Design Academy offers intuitive, easy-to-understand operation for perfect coffee enjoyment: Individual coffee strengths and temperatures can be created, controlled and called up as favorites via a display as well as via an app. With its reduced design and the use of high-quality and at the same time sustainable materials, nunc. fits perfectly into the current lifestyle and gives both the layman and the expert pleasure in preparing coffee.