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Jaime Hayon does not allow himself to be categorised. The Spanish designer is known for colourful, humorous designs with a proximity to art. In Valencia, he created the interior of a private art and guest house – and gave it a unique character.
by Nina C. Müller | 8/11/2022

Helsinki, Cape Town, Mexico City: what unites these metropolises is the title of World Design Capital. This year, Valencia adorns itself with it. Ceramic art in particular has a special significance here and has done so for centuries, if not millennia. One of its contemporary representatives is Jaime Hayon. Born in Madrid, the renowned industrial designer calls Valencia his creative base. Here, he recently created an interior design for which art and ceramics could not be missing, of course. The building is not far from the Plaza del Ayuntamiento - a square with spectacular architecture and annual festivities that is a magnet for locals and tourists alike. So it made sense to also accommodate an event venue in the planned holiday flat. Guests are allowed to stay for up to two weeks; the rest of the time, the 150 square metre space is used for art and cultural events.

There are two spacious rooms, each with its own bathroom. Typical of the Mediterranean metropolis, all the floors are laid with mosaic. They underline the classic layout of the flat in the old building and create a patchwork of patterns. Hayon picked up on the variety of colours in his design and gave the cupboard walls and doors varying pastel shades. In addition, he combined a surprisingly free and colourful mix of furniture: here, lacquer meets wood and seaweed, filigree legs meet chunky upholstery and spherical ceiling lamps meet Mid-Century shades, such as the "CH23" chair by Carl Hansen & Son, the "Fiorenza" armchair by Arflex or the "P376" lamps by &tradition and "Planet" by Pleasewaittobeseated. Carefully selected and combined, Hayon's eclecticism appears decidedly harmonious – despite the diverse styles and the wide colour spectrum. Harmonious, but by no means boring, because in all the rooms there are unusual decors to be discovered alongside works of art. In the stucco, for example, flora and fauna have been immortalised, mosaic stones form tendril-like flowers. The paintings are figurative. And with a little imagination, the patterns in the glass panes also resemble faces. This effect will hardly surprise anyone who knows the mischievous Spanish designer. Hayon is known for playful designs and objects that seem to be animated. And so a whole series of whimsical housemates and truly comical birds also moved into the Valencian flat, lending the residence a creative energy.

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