Graphic touch

Black and white – two colors that are like two worlds: One absorbs the light, the other reflects it. It’s a fascinating contrast that JUNG has picked up on in its line of latest switch designs.
by Anna Moldenhauer | 10/29/2020

With Graphite Black and Snow White, JUNG is offering its archetypal and long-running success, the LS 990 model, along with the new variants LS Zero, LS Cube, A 550 and A Flow in two timeless colors that create powerful effects in rooms. Thanks to their satin finish, the switches are also elegantly refined. “We selected these models for the new design because in formal terms they fit particularly well with the clarity of the matt colors,” says Oliver Stuke, Director of Electromechanics and Design at JUNG. Thanks to its classic execution with a narrow frame and maximized touch surface, the LS 990 has been extremely variable in its details for a good 50 years. As a flush-mounted variation, LS ZERO creates a flowing transition between the surface and the switch element, while the LS CUBE switch presents an optimum solution for a modern exposed fitting. A high degree of flexibility in functional deployment is also offered by the A 550 and A Flow – designed entirely with modern living in mind. There is the option, for example, of incorporating device controls within the KNX and eNet systems, as well as installations for light and shade control and in door communication. Likewise, among other things, the smart radio DAB+ can also be integrated into the LS 990, A 550 and A Flow lines of switches.

The breadth of design is similarly extensive, incorporating the new satin colors of velvety Graphite Black and bright Snow White: This means the switches can form a stark contrast to the wall color and add an element of delicate geometry to the interior design. Where there is a need for more restraint, the JUNG switches in whichever version of black or white best coordinates with the wall color foster an elegant symbiosis. Both shades contribute a gentle linearity, which harmonizes perfectly with a huge variety of wall structures, be it exposed concrete, brickwork or natural stone. Anyone wanting to increase the graphic effect can select a switch frame and switch made of smash-proof thermoplastic in contrasting colors. With a focus on the essentials, the switches fit into any contemporary interior, and the satin finish of the fine varnish means the feel of the switches is also particularly pleasing.