Flexibility down to the last detail

Efficient use - this is the core of every consideration for the design of small living spaces. KC Design Studio have perfected this concept to 42 square metres in Taipei.
by Anna Moldenhauer | 6/6/2019

For the interior design of the apartment, the Taiwanese KC Design Studio opted for two far-reaching structural changes: a mezzanine floor was installed to make full use of the space. The height is determined according to the use of the upper areas such as sleeping or working. The resulting gallery is thus lower than the other rooms. Since furniture with regular dimensions would not fit into the low room, the architects Chun-ta tsao und Kuan-huan liu decided to leave out part of the wall for the wardrobe and provide it with a clothes rail. In the work area, however, a wall was covered with a wooden panel and oblong recesses into which shelf boards and hooks could be inserted. As a cube or flat surface, shelves and desk tops can be hung or suspended as required.

The owner's wish list included not only flexibility but also storage space at the top of the list: a custom-made room divider made of steel with many compartments accompanies the staircase to the mezzanine floor and provides sufficient storage space. In the area of the open kitchen, a rotating dining table also offers the option of placing it on the side of the room after use to save space. Since the transitions between the areas are fluid, each section of the living area has been thought through down to the last detail for flexible use that meets the need of the resident to have both active and quiet living areas available. The industrial atmosphere of the apartment is underlined with a mix of concrete, dark finish steel, oak and slate.