Instant sunlight

The "Komorebi" prototype luminaire imitates the poetry of sunlight in the middle of places where the sun never shines.
by Fabian Peters | 7/23/2017

Light, in particular natural daylight, is indisputably incredibly important for human health and wellbeing. Daylight is, for example, used specifically to treat depression. At the same time, precisely in homes in downtown areas often adequate lighting indoor is not at all possible. Help is now at hand, apparently, using the “Komorebi” luminaire that is the brainchild of designer and engineer Leslie Nooteboom. The name says it all: While there is no direct translation for the Japanese notion of “Komorebi”, what it means is the interplay of leaves and sunlight and the patterns of light and shadow thus created.

By means of a “Robotic projector”, namely a projector mounted on a computer-controlled swivel bracket, and the corresponding software, “Komorebi” imitates the natural incidence of sunlight in a room. Even the most artificial of light wanders across the wall gradually, and, if so desired, simulates light filtered through foliage or reflected off water. The projector, swivel bracket and software enable a wide range of lighting patterns and scenarios, and can be calibrated to your own personal wishes.