Benjamin Hubert and Layer have developed an ingenious wallet for crypto money.
by Fabian Peters | 6/13/2018

Crypto currencies such as Bitcoin are becoming more and more widespread. At the same time, its use as an everyday means of payment has so far been associated with problems. Managing the passwords for using crypto money, for example, is dangerous: If the numerical key is lost, the amount associated with it is practically impossible to dispose of. It is assumed that up to now 35 percent of all bitcoins ever generated have been irretrievably lost due to password loss. Benjamin Hubert and his design agency Layer, in cooperation with the fintech start-up Trove, have now developed a personal crypto-money storage that can neither be hacked nor lost. 

The device on which the crypto money is stored offline has the form of a flat coin with a diameter of two centimeters. It is unlocked by finger pressure on the front side, using the so-called ECG signature, the individual electrocardiogram of the owner, as a distinguishing feature. The device then communicates with the user's smartphone via Bluetooth and allows payment transactions. In this way, crypto-money number keys can neither be lost nor forgotten. 

The coin is available with a silver anodised or black-porous aluminium surface. As accessories, Layer designed various accessories with magnetic holders: a bracelet made of Kvadrat textil, an adjustable necklace with a terrazzo, acrylic or ceramic medallion container and a simple brooch. (fap)