Time Out

With the new guesthouse "Luchs" (Lynx) just outside Frankfurt/Main the Lindenberg Group has created a heavenly hideaway for stressed urbanites.
by Anna Moldenhauer | 3/2/2022

A small house measuring all of 70 square meters set in the heart of Frankfurt’s Braumannswiesen meadows. A new member of the Lindenberg Group family has settled seemingly in the middle of nowhere amidst flora and fauna: the "Luchs" – a concept "for friends, by friends" according to Nils Jansen, Managing Director of Lindenberg Hospitality GmbH. The Luchs is just like its namesake the wild cat: a shy creature. Thus, a stay in the half-timbered house dating from 1903 can’t be booked via a website; instead, an email request has to be sent to the Luchs team.

This is not a party hotspot but rather a hideaway intended for three guests at the most. The concept is about switching off from the bustle of the city and getting away from it all for a few days. Rather than staring constantly at a screen be it for work or for pleasure here you let your gaze roam across lush green meadows and the nearby forest. Not having to bump into grumpy fellow guests before you’ve even had your first coffee of the day, but in the early hours watching gentle deer taking their first tentative steps in the garden. "You also develop a different awareness of noises than when you’re in the city," says Nils Jansen. He has tried out the small guesthouse for himself and says that he so enjoyed the wonderful peace and quiet that it was quite difficult having to return to his noisy daily routine.

And the house is surprisingly well equipped for a short break: from a swimming pond or a yoga mat to a choice of books, guests will discover many a means of relaxation. And thanks to the bicycles for hire it is also easy to explore the bewitching surroundings at length. For those who want to keep an eye on what’s happening in the digital world there is a wi-fi connection but there was a deliberate decision not to provide a television in “Luchs". There is an equally clear structure to the dining concept: Some basics are provided to stave off the first hunger pangs while a gift hamper filled with products from Lindenberg’s Lekker Lädchen store provides tasty delicacies to suit a plant-based diet. Alternatively, you can bake a crispy pizza in the special stone oven and serve it with an alcoholic beverage from the nearby wine cellar, or take advantage of the shopping service. A special treat: the permaculture project that provides all the hotels in the Lindenberg Group with fresh fruit, vegetables and herbs is not far away and guests are free to visit it Lichen at their leisure – what you have picked yourself always tastes best anyhow.

"This focusing on the essentials is inspired by the Zen way of life that originated in China," says Nils Jansen. And it also extends to the interior concept behind "Luchs" by creative studio AberJa: Wooden floorboards and paneling on the ceiling create the right atmospheric setting while even the kitchen unit fits harmoniously into its overall setting thanks to the wooden fronting. The cozy, homely feeling is underscored by the use of shades like brown, red, yellow and green. "We retained the original layout of the rooms and the house already had a stove fireplace. The forest and the mystery surrounding it provided the inspiration for the interior decoration – which is why we made sure there is no harsh lighting," explains Jansen.

For all its small size, the "Luchs" guesthouse is exquisite down to the last detail: Sebastian Herkner designed the tiles for Kaufmann Keramik, the fabrics are courtesy of Danish manufacturer Kvadrat. "High-quality design is just as much a part of the concept as culinary enjoyment and daydreaming," says Nils Jansen. Making it a perfect place to put your feet up in style and enjoy the peace and quiet.


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