Luminous wallpapers and 3D curtains
By Martina Metzner | Jan 30, 2015

Visitors to this year’s Heimtextil in Frankfurt and shortly afterwards to “Pure Textiles” at imm cologne were almost blinded by the abundance of gleaming metal on the walls, on seating covers and in front of windows. A tell-tale sign that the passion for metal surfaces recently witnessed in the fashion and furniture industries has now firmly arrived in home fabrics. And with great refinement, boasting luxurious fabrics such as silk and velvet, Jacquard weaving techniques, and intricate embroidery work. All this is juxtaposed with purist fabrics and wallpapers with a natural feel and three-dimensional surfaces. Moreover, the manufacturers have upgraded their fabrics and wall coverings with all manner of additional technical features. We have rounded up the most exciting products from Heimtextil and imm cologne for you – look out for impressive innovations, patterns, materials, and colors.

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Silence, svp!
Architects Paper counters noise
Architects Paper, a subsidiary of A.S. Création, explored the question of what wall covering can offer today in addition to merely being decoration. Using phosphorescing luminous strips and arrows, the new “Colour Tec Glow” wallpaper lights up and marks escape routes in public buildings, for example, and that without having to resort to artificial light. Moreover, cutting-edge “Magnet Acoustic Pads” make for peace and quiet indoors. The diamond-shaped acoustic panels made of colored felt can be easily affixed with magnets to the manufacturer’s magnetic tape, moved around and just as easily removed.

Lingerie for the wall
Arte adds shape to wallpaper
Following “Intrigue”, Arte has expanded its foam-based sculptural line of wallpapers by adding the new “Eclipse” collection. The existing models “Rosace”, “Caisson” and “Feuillage” have now been joined by three new sculptural textures. “Select” features elevated tiles, while “Charm” places raised arabesques on the wall, and “Flex” relies on psychedelic Op art patterns to play with our senses. Arte let themselves be inspired by the world of lingerie: Molded bras made of fabric-covered foam that is shaped by heating provided the cue for this super-soft, sculptural wallpaper.

A bed of flowers
Christian Fischbacher brings us summer
Summer is on its way as Christian Fischbacher introduces summer meadows into our homes. “Garden Party” is the name of his new collection of curtains and bed textiles adorned with delicate prints of flowers, blossoms and grasses in fresh colors on a light background. “Garden Party” is a new interpretation of prints that Christian Fischbacher successfully introduced back in the 1990s. In addition, he has launched a special home textiles line for outdoor use: The items impress with very bright colors, are UV and water-resistant and do not go moldy.

Privacy at a touch
Yann Mathys for Création Baumann
“Reverso” is one of the most exciting innovations in home textiles this year. Made of a paperlike fleece the curtain is the brainchild of ECAL graduate Yann Mathys and came second in the “[D³] Contest Award” organized by imm cologne and the German Design Council last year. Création Baumann immediately took on the young designer and worked with him on getting the product ready for market. The special attraction: Small, delicately lasered scales can be reversed at the touch of a hand, meaning that the opacity and pattern can be individually adjusted.

Unroll Sesame!
Jab Anstoetz motorizes roller blinds
It is now possible to have roller blinds unroll as if by magic. Fabric and floor covering specialist Jab Anstoetz has teamed up with the U.S. firm Qmotion to launch “Meridian-E”. The magic consists of an electric, spring-balanced roller-blind system that manages without strings and chains. A gentle pull on the blind is enough to activate the motor, which then moves the blind up quietly and as if by magic. It can also be controlled with an app via smartphone for tablet. “Meridian-E” can be battery or mains operated.

In ferne Galaxien schweifen
Alfredo Häberli für Kvadrat
2007 gestaltete Alfredo Häberli den Showroom von Kvadrat in Mailand. Es folgten zwölf Stoffentwürfe, nun kommen drei weitere hinzu, die allesamt gestrickt und damit besonders dehnbar sind: „Nebula“, „Nadir“ und „Galaxy“ heißen die drei. Ob Häberli zuletzt viel Zeit damit verbracht hat, in den Nachthimmel zu schauen oder japanische Blumenmalerei studierte, können wir nur mit Blick auf die Muster und Machart der Gewirke vermuten: So lässt „Nebula“ abstrakte Blütenblätter erahnen, „Nadir“ ist voluminös und grob strukturiert und „Galaxy“ erscheint als ein unregelmäßiges Spiel mit feinen Punkten.

Light Wall
Thanks to Marburger Tapetenfabrik
“For years I have been fascinated by the topic of ‘wallpaper and light’”, explains Ullrich Eitel, Managing Owner of Marburger Tapetenfabrik. As early as 2003 the firm launched “Art-Tec”– the first glowing wallpaper featuring organic luminous elements. Now Marburger Tapetenfabrik has fine-tuned its wall lighting further to produce “Art Luminaire”, a light-emitting wallpaper that premiered at this year’s Heimtextil. Light is conducted through artificial fibers and emerges from regular indentations to produce spotlight effects. This side-lighting effect is not in itself a novelty and the method has long been employed by the lighting industry, explains Eitel. “But it’s the first time this technology has been incorporated into wallpaper.”

Casually crumpled
Nya Nordiska opts for a natural look
Anyone scouring the “Pure Textiles” section of imm cologne for purist yet exciting fabrics struck it lucky at Nya Nordiska: For the “Pure Perfection” segment the textile editor from Dannenberg produced highly sophisticated, curtain and cover fabrics with a sculptural look-and-feel, which were not only inspired by nature in terms of their structure and materiality, but in their coloring too. “Kito CS” and “Miyako”, for instance, come across as poetic and light. Made of highly inflammable Trevira CS fleece, “Kito CS“ recalls crumpled paper, while “Miyako” is more likely to be every girl’s dream – a linen fabric that gets its special appeal from feather-light tufts of organza that have been stitched on. By contrast, “Maki” presents itself as heavy and shiny, its elaborate woven structure prompting comparisons with the bark of a tree. Not surprisingly, this novelty has been honored with the “Interior Innovation Award”.

Shanghai Nights
With Sahco to Asia
Sahco sets off on a journey to Asia, showcasing 35 delicate fabrics and eight elegant wallpapers. “Into the Blue”, for instance, shows fabrics that revolve around the shade indigo and subtly reinterpret it. Well worth noting is the Sahco model “Clouds” – a fabric printed with clouds, whose counterpart as wallpaper goes by the name of “Fuji”, representing the mountain so revered by the Japanese. The “Shanghai Nights” collection shows prints of Chinese characters symbolizing dragons. Last but not least, as part of his own line designer Ulf Moritz presents a fabric that recalls the shiny armor of the Samurai – and is aptly named thus.

Off to Paradise
Zimmer + Rohde: an exotic touch
This year, Zimmer + Rohde are whisking us away to Paradise: With the eponymous fabric collection the textile and wallpaper supplier from Oberursel offers a highly imaginative firework of patterns, colors and structures, and immersing yourself in the materials you almost feel you can detect the sweet fragrance of exotic fruits and hear the excited flapping of a hummingbird’s wings. Whether it is the contoured plumage of a macaw (the “Ara” collection), the brightly dotted feathers of tropical birds (“Birds Gallery”) or vibrant colors such as pomegranate red, saffron yellow and peacock blue, whether opulent velour, shiny satins or sequin work – you will find all of this in “Paradise”.