Standing free

The best idea often lies in simplicity: The Danish design studio Moebe has designed a new shelving system without screws and support cross.
by Anna Moldenhauer | 6/7/2018

Instead, only three elements are needed for unlimited storage space: narrow, powder-coated steel tubes, wooden planks made of oiled oak or black-stained ash wood and small wedges made of wood. These are used to fix the shelves - and are thus flexibly adjustable in height. In addition, a board can be installed as a rear wall on each floor. Airy yet stable, the system offers maximum flexibility in height, width and position in the room. "We design according to simple principles and question the current ways of construction. We try to reduce our designs to their simplest form and function," says Anders Thams of Moebe. The young brand from Copenhagen was founded in 2014 by carpenter Anders Thams together with architects Martin De Neergaard Christensen and Nicholas Oldroyd.

Anders Thams, Martin D. Christensen, Nicholas Oldroyd