The perfect prerequisites

“Canvas” is the name of the new tile series from Mosa. And the name says it, since the idea is that the flooring is not the main focus in itself, but rather provides a solid basis for the concept of the room.
by Anna Moldenhauer | 5/19/2020

Restaurants, retail, hospitality, office spaces and homes: All require multifunctional utility services that can be redesigned swiftly without any complications. The understated tile series “Canvas” from Mosa offers the ideal basis for any interior. Thanks to its technical and aesthetic refinement, it offers a harmonious overall picture enhanced by a light, elegant shimmer effect instead of dictating a specific visual direction. Even if "Canvas" appears uniform at first glance, each tile is unique thanks to its texture: The extent to which the surface appears speckled is left up to chance and is achieved by Mosa using a mixture of spray-dried and ground granulate. The pigmentation of the texture, meanwhile, can be selected from a range of nine natural shades in white, grey, brown and black – neutral colors that do justice to whichever product is placed on them, be it furniture, fashion or food. “The challenge in designing ‘Canvas’ lay in achieving a highly aesthetic and functional result, which is nevertheless visually restrained and perfectly supports multipurpose spaces,” says José Maase, of Mosa’s design team.

The haptics of “Canvas” is also rather special: The tiles’ fine relief design was developed specifically for the new series and gives the tiles a tactile effect. Their coating ensures they are non-slip but is also easy to clean and robust. For individual combinations, there is not only a choice of colors but also two different sizes: “Canvas” tiles are available in both 30 x 60 and 60 x 60-centimeter formats. To assist customers in their choice of the right version for their particular project, Mosa also offers a “3D Tile Viewer”, whereby the properties of “Canvas”, from the structure to the thickness of the tiles, can be closely examined digitally from any location. When it comes to further developing their own selection in mood boards, technical drawings or a rendering program, customers can take advantage of the Dutch tile specialist’s “Mosa Pattern Generator” digital design tool.

High aspirations

Like all tiles from Mosa, the “Canvas” series bears the “Cradle to Cradle Silver” certificate, a guarantee of sustainable production. Alongside pure raw materials, this also takes account of the product’s potential for recycling, management of raw materials like water and energy, and the working conditions for employees. Mosa’s high aspiration for its products also benefits the architects and developers who choose “Canvas” for a project: The particular quality of the tiles guarantees a long lifespan for floors, even in areas that are used intensively. The new “Canvas” series thus strikes an effortless balance between visual refinement and technical advantage.

Mosa "Canvas"