A new approach

Good things should be combined. That works for wine and cheese but also for ceramic tiles. An opinion shared by Mosa which is now presenting the new “Core Collection”.
by Anna Moldenhauer | 9/22/2020

The new collection combines the most popular series of tiles, namely “Solids”, “Terra” and “Quartz” enabling a more intuitive approach to planning. The collection came about following talks Dutch tile maker Mosa had with its two main client groups, architects and designers. All the items in the collection are bestsellers in Mosa’s range of floor tiles. A total of 39 colors and three textures were subsequently selected for the new “Core Collection” – alongside the natural look the range of the three series will be accentuated with stronger colors in red, ochre and blue as well as tones that were especially developed for the new collection. Rather than having to scroll through the entire range, the “Core Collection” now offers a multitude of options for intuitively combining the unglazed ceramic tiles with one another. In addition to the existing tile shapes Mosa developed seven new forms ranging from the circle to the triangle that leave nothing to be desired in order to provide architects and designers with an even greater array of options.

Just how much passion and dedication the entire team of Mosa from the design department to the firm’s own production facility in Maastricht has applied in realizing the “Core Collection” is evident above all in the fine details: All the new Shapes are modular and can also be very easily combined with the existing ones in the selected series. Moreover, it is now much easier to plan and select individual combinations by using the upgraded Pattern Generator Mosa now features on its website. Alternately, the tool proposes predefined examples from extravagant to subtle patterns. In addition, the selection can now also be observed in 3D. One advantage of the new overview is that combination options that one might hardly have considered now quickly come into view. Mosa would not be Mosa if the new collection did not also come with a seal of sustainability. All the products have been awarded Cradle-to-Cradle certification in Silver. In addition, there is no cutting waste in the production process of Shapes because the material is used completely in line with the circular economy model. In this regard, with its “Core Collection” Mosa is also helping architects achieve sustainable building certification.

Mosa Core Collection