Müller small living 2021: PLATO

In times of the home office, flexible solutions are needed - Müller small living also knows this and, in collaboration with the designers Alissa Arends, Leon Bucher and Yelim Kim, presents the "PLATO" table, which enables a variety of uses.

The powder-coated metal frame of "PLATO" in graphite black or pure white is foldable and can be quickly and easily fitted with the top made of lightweight laminated wood. Thanks to the practical size of 149 x 75 centimetres, the table then serves as a temporary office as well as a dining table - designed with life in mind, like all products from Müller small living. Depending on your preference, the top coating can be chosen in white, anthracite or black matt. With its clear form and neutral colours, "PLATO" by Müller small living cuts a fine figure in any architecture and can also be stored in a space-saving way. The design comes from the young designers Alissa Arends, Leon Bucher and Yelim Kim from the Bauhaus University Weimar. (am)