A prettier splash

Let's celebrate summer! No matter how high the temperature records, the inflatable pools by Kristin Myllenbeck promise cooling with style.

Basin, inflatable pool, paddling pool - call them what you like, those things ruin the look in the meticulously designed garden. Unless they come from Mylle. For her freshly launched label, US fashion stylist Kristin Myllenbeck has so far developed five graphic motifs that, as contemporary and instagrammable as they are, are sure to strike real design lovers in the heart: terrazzo, speckles, pink watercolor, grids and irregular semicircles. Myllenbeck came up with the idea when she herself was unsuccessfully searching for an inflatable pool. Now she is a "manufacturer, website builder, creative director and a regular at USPS," as she tells.

Despite its small dimensions of just 165 centimeters in diameter and 38 centimeters in height, "Mylle" explicitly addresses adult users. But also, parents who don't want to do motifs à la seahorses, Nemo and Co. to their children. The pools are packed in matching vinyl bags. Water on! (mh)