Spatial presence

Rossoacoustic’s new “Disc’n Dots” acoustic system is not just cost effective, it combines diversity in design with easy installation and can be retrofitted into rooms.
by Alexander Russ | 12/13/2022

With “Disc’n Dots”, the Rossoacoustic brand belonging to the Nimbus Group has developed a new acoustic system together with Stuttgart-based design studio ID AID. The aim was to bring a cost-effective modular system to the market that offers a simple structure, uncomplicated installation, and design diversity, and that can be subsequently integrated into an existing interior design. “We are repeatedly confronted with projects where there is a need to find an effective solution for a room’s acoustics, but the budget is pretty tight, and this often leads to an unsatisfactory solution in terms of quality. With ‘Disc’n Dots’, we are moving into precisely this gap, offering high-quality acoustics, simple, time-saving installation, and a broad color concept,” says Dietrich F. Brennenstuhl, Director of Innovation and Design at the Nimbus Group, commenting on the concept.

The disc consists of an acoustic fleece, smoothed on both sides. A striking design element is the round or square dot, which is variable in colour. This is used for "one-point mounting" on the wall or ceiling on the back.
The clear geometric design brings a sense of calm and structure to a wide variety of rooms.

“Disc’n Dots” works like a simplified version of the “Rossoacoustic Pad System” that was developed five years ago. This means that the brand has an application in its portfolio that convinces with clear, geometric shapes, appealing colors, and a pleasant acoustic room climate – especially when room acoustics are the lowest priority in planning. With their different thicknesses and radii, the individual acoustic elements of “Disc’n Dots” can be arranged in fixed structures or loose groupings. For this, there are square and rectangular “Disc Elements”, which are particularly suitable for clear geometric arrangements, while circular and oval “Disc Elements” offer scope for free and playful room design. The soft core features a special open-pored fleece that absorbs unwanted sound reflections. Meanwhile, another design element of “Disc’n Dots” is the round or square dot, which serves as a fastener, as its rear side allows simple “single-point installation”. In addition to direct attachment to the wall or ceiling, “Disc’n Dots” can also be suspended from the ceiling to create a sculptural effect.

Along with the spatial arrangement, the different color variants play an important role in the design concept: The “Disc Elements”, for example, are available in white or a mottled gray, while the Dots are offered in warm, nature-inspired shades such as Vineyard, Soft Moss, Yellow Field, Far Mountain, Nightfall, and Grey Dawn, but also in Black Ink or a classic White. At the same time, “Disc’n Dots” can be color-coordinated with the “Rossoacoustic Pad System” or with light-acoustic solutions from the Nimbus Group such as the “Lighting Pad” or the “Lighting Pad Lounge”. It is also possible to paint the Dot individually, which affords interior designers additional scope. In this way, large conference rooms, meeting points, and office spaces can be transformed into pleasant sound zones that also feature a successful interior concept.