"Q Four TT"

Light for all settings

A range of luminaires that offers something suitable for every occasion on directed light: Nimbus adds three new versions to the “Q Four” family.
by Anna Moldenhauer | 8/7/2020

Subtle design in black or white combined with brilliant, focused light: Those are the ingredients Nimbus has used to fashion the “Q Four” family of luminaires. Now the existing two models, the “Q One” and “Q Four”, are being joined by three new options: “Q Four TT”, “Q Four IN” and “Q Four TT Track”. The result is a modular lighting system that provides something fitting for every setting and situation: “Q Four TT” adds dynamism to a room: As it is both rotatable and tiltable the spotlight can be used equally to highlight spaces or individual objects. By contrast, “Q Four IN” can be flush-mounted on the ceiling to create a source of light that is virtually invisible. Unless that is you opt for the version in black; then the sleek, square element of “Q Four IN” forms an interesting contrast, say with a white ceiling. “Q Four TT Track” is the most flexible version in the family: Affixed to a conductor track the light can be repositioned anywhere in the room as and when you want.

And no matter which model you choose the quality of the light provided is superb: Thanks to specially developed lens technology the illumination is always uniform and defined and lights up the room without being overly bright. Accordingly, the bodies of the luminaire recede into the background and do not disturb the harmonious overall effect. “As the glare from the light source is completely suppressed, it is no longer perceived – neither by the human eye nor by window surfaces that normally reflect in the dark,” explains Dietrich F. Brennenstuhl, Managing Director of the Nimbus Group. Thanks to this anti-reflective effect, window areas remain open, maintain the view outside and visually extend the room instead of reducing it. Moreover, the design of the “Q Four” family is consistent: As the square luminaires share the same size and appearance they combine perfectly with one another. From an older building to a skyscraper, from a retail setting to a museum the luminaire family is suited to every conceivable setting and use. “We develop and improve on detail until we really achieve 100 percent harmony between function and design,” says Brennenstuhl.