From graphic to sculpture

Nortstudio from Antwerp creates objects with a mix of colour, form and material that have a graphic effect.
by Anna Moldenhauer | 8/6/2018

Gratings, pipes, paving stones - Kathleen Opdenacker and Jef De Brabander from the design studio Nortstudio were inspired by building materials to design a bench. "Urban Shapes" lifts material and form out of their context. The individual elements made of wood or anodised aluminium are connected to a steel grid that can be moved flexibly. The graphic effect is enhanced by the colouring: the stereometric basic shapes and grids are each single-coloured. To maintain the brilliance, no black is added to the pigments. The heterogeneous combination plays with the contrasts. The modules of the "Graphic" side tables made of acrylic also have a different structure and colour.

In 2016 Jef De Brabander and Kathleen Opdenacker founded the design studio in Antwerp. "We always had a great affinity for graphic designs and linear patterns. Kathleen's approach is rooted in graphic design, therefore our work is often the translation of a two-dimensional graphic composition into a three-dimensional object," says Jef De Brabander. The duo is currently working on accessories as part of their acrylic study. "Because the material can be moulded and casted, we can easily produce small series of different objects," explains the designer. These are to be presented in Berlin at the end of the year.