Open Doors. Answer Right. Santa Claus. Christmas Bright!

Das große Stylepark-Weihnachtsgewinnspiel

We’re absolutely certain you know all about architecture and design, trade fairs and biennials. After all, you read the articles in our News & Stories, receive our regular Newsletter and like researching our database.

So you’re all set to take part in the Grand Stylepark Christmas Competition – and great prizes await you!

It’s simple. As with an advent calendar, each day you open one of the little doors, answer a question – and win something. The one or other question may be a little tricky. But you’re bound to find the right answer.

When it comes to prizes, this year we have again teamed up with renowned manufacturers to select attractive products from the Stylepark database (and they include chairs, luminaires, home accessories and jewelry) that could soon be gracing your apartment or office.

As always, things kick off today, December 1. The last door gets opened on December 24, Christmas Eve.
Meaning you not only have one chance, but 24 chances of winning! And should you not have the slightest idea what the answer might be, then maybe the full text search function on the Stylepark website is the best tool of last resort…

We are most grateful to all the sponsors for the marvelous prizes and wish everyone a lot of fun answering the questions and enjoying the products.

Your Stylepark team

And the prizes are: “Gecko in the Box” window-pane tattoo by Création Baumann; “U-Turn” clamp-on luminaire by Michel Charlot for Belux; “Stand-up” stool by Thorsten Franck for Wilkhahn; “PH 2/1” pendant luminaire by Poul Hennigsen for Louis Poulsen; “Myto” chair by Konstantin Grcic for Plank; “Beauty” mirror by Design Apartment 8 for Schönbuch; “Buchheimer” book shelves by Martin Breuer Bono for Nils Holger Moormann; “Navy” aluminum chair by Emeco; “c3” coffee table by Sebastian Desch for Team 7; “Falling in Love” spherical light by Tobias Grau; “ES01” connector strip by Georges Moanack for Punkt; “Loop” ring by Axel Kufus for Biegel; “Le Chien Savant” children’s seat by Chantal Bavaud for Magis, “Babila 2750” by Odoardo Fioravanti for Pedrali; “August” book-end by Knut Völzke for Leise; “Pro 4-Star” chair with armrests by Konstantin Grcic for Flötotto; “28d” pendant spherical luminaire by Omer Abel for Bocci; “Sharky” chair by Eva Paster and Michael Geldmacher for Kristalia; “Babylon L” vase by Harry & Camila for Dedon; “Lum” by Ulf Möller for Thonet; “triangle Fringe” ear clips by Saskia Diez; “Wogg 17” bedside table by Benny Mosimann and Urs Greutmann-Bolzern for Wogg; and “Tolomeo Micro Pinza LED” clamp-on luminaire by Michele de Lucchi for Artemide.

Anyone aged 18 or over can take part. Other than Stylepark AG staff members, their relatives, and staff members of our sponsors, that is. The prizes cannot be transferred to someone else and likewise there can be no cash disbursed instead. All winning participants agree to allow their name and domicile to be stated on
We will inform all the winners by email. The winners must have taken receipt of their prizes by January 31, 2015. Stylepark’s decision is final.