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Product description

Thanks to the use of the newest LED technology the LUM luminaire guarantees a bright and brilliant colour rendition. Formally, the luminaire is reduced to a minimum; it is elegant and usable in many ways. The product offers plenty of sophisticated technology: high luminous efficacy, extremely low power consumption and a warm light for reading. It can be switched on and off via a touch sensor, it can be dimmed and it memorises the last setting (memory function). In addition, it has a sleep timer (the light automatically switches off after 4 hours) and a nightlight which wraps only the frame in gentle light. By turning the vertical light bracket, the direction of the light can be variably changed up to 340°.

Emission class A
Stand/ mounting with legs
Diffuser/reflector shape L-shaped
Height 500 mm / 1100 mm / 1250 mm
Material steel
Colors black

Thonet, Germany

Ulf Möller

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for LUM

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by Thonet

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