Paola Lenti 2022: ALTOPIANO

The "Altopiano" dining table by Paola Lenti convinces with its flexible usage possibilities and has now been extended with a higher frame that also allows the combination with bar stools.

"Altopiano" by Paola Lenti convinces as a filigree furniture that works indoors and outdoors. The dining table, designed by Italian designer Robin Rizzini, is now also available with a higher frame and a 106-centimeter-high tabletop, which is why it can additionally be combined with bar stools. The frame with its glossy lacquered aluminum legs forms the basis of the modular table, which is equipped with rectangular glaze panels in various pastel shades. The structure allows tables up to four meters long to be assembled without the need for additional legs. Accessories in the form of round and rectangular shelves can be flexibly positioned along the central axis of the frame. Top panels and accessories are made of Glaze, a material obtained from an environmentally friendly production process in which the porcelain stoneware is glazed by hand. For this purpose, a mixture of natural, non-toxic ingredients such as clay, kaolin and quartz is used, which are combined with enamel by means of a single-firing process. As a result, Glaze is resistant to corrosion, impact and weathering. In addition, the panels do not absorb greasy substances and are both easy to wash off and easy to disinfect. (ar)