Happy Birthday Pedrali!

Pedrali celebrates a round anniversary: 60 years ago, Mario Pedrali founded one of the most important globally active Italian furniture companies in Palazzolo sull'Oglio. Pedrali's creative profile has been shaped by numerous collaborations with renowned designers – with collections that are exceptional in their high quality and innovative design language. We asked them: What makes the cooperation with Pedrali special for you?

Odo Fioravanti

Getting to work with Pedrali just changed radically my life as a designer. They believed in my work when I was an outsider and helped me to develop fantastic products that met the commercial success and were recognized by design critics. But when I think about the company I feel that the Pedrali family has been family to me, helping, supporting, giving me advice for my life not only as a designer, but as a person. I can't imagine something as special as this human connection.

Patrick Jouin

There are several remarkable aspects. First of all, Pedrali is a manufacturer. They don't just sell or design furniture, they make it. This gives us great expertise and opens up infinite possibilities. The Pedrali family is not afraid to invest and take risks, to push projects to the limit and encourage innovation. Innovation often involves technological risks, especially when it comes to creating new shapes. To dare to innovate and invent, you have to take risks. Pedrali enables designers to do just that. That's what makes it exceptional.

What's more, Pedrali's approach is marked by intuition and generosity. What I particularly appreciate about our collaboration is their willingness to invest, to delve deeper, to explore new avenues. This gives designers a great deal of freedom in the creative process. And what's more? Their humanity, kindness and generosity are the second characteristic. It's this synergy that makes our collaboration special.

Patrick Norguet

Pedrali is a brand and an important customer for a designer's career. Pedrali is above all a company worthy of the name, being managed by a family which is, for me, a big difference in the world of business. I am convinced that the success of a company and depends on the people who manage it, the notion of family is the key to success. An intelligent strategy with rapid decision-making processes, a vision and a defined model. Pedrali is also a manufacturer, strategic choices on the development of industrial tools which makes the company unique in this market. They are therefore a chance for me to be able to collaborate in this context. Ideal scene for a designer.

Pio and Tito Toso

We like working with Pedrali because here you can breathe a very positive atmosphere, a great dedication and the taste of working mixed with an uncommon entrepreneurial courage. At Pedrali there is a great culture of doing and a strain to the beauty and sustainability of the product. These concepts represent for us always a new challenge that pushes us, as adventurous explorers, to change, innovate, grow, following this common thread. There is a good deal of utopia in all this and to us, irreducible dreamers of better worlds, can only please.

Robin Rizzini

I have had the chance to work on two projects with Pedrali. Both projects are tables. I can say that there are two main reasons why I think that working with Pedrali has been for me a special experience. The first was shared globally: Covid. We started to work on our first project together, the "Toa" table, a few months before the pandemic spread out and we managed to pull through even at a time when furniture companies were forced by the government to shut down. We stayed in contact and shared development material and thoughts until we were finally able to work on the very first prototype. The people and the human factor were crucial during that period. It’s been a bonding experience.

The second reason is competence. I have collaborated with many companies and sometimes you work with editors, that is to say companies that don’t have a specific expertise and rely on external suppliers to get to the end of a project. Pedrali is a different picture. I am happy to work with a company with a high level of technical knowledge and know-how that produces internally almost everything. From plastic to aluminium to steel and wood products. This gives the designer a wide range of possibilities to experiment with. One final word: At the very end, companies are made of people. And the personal experience I had in Pedrali, with Giuseppe, Monica and all the development and marketing team was excellent and very professional. I wish them all another 60 years of success!

Sebastian Herkner

At Pedrali, the idea of family business is visible and tangible. Monica and Giuseppe have designed a place with their company that lives creativity and implements the designs in dialogue with the entire team. The production facilities are state of the art and offer me as a designer a great freedom and diversity.

Victoria Azadinho Bocconi

Working with Pedrali is special because, despite being a leading company in the furniture sector, it still has the courage to bet on young unknowns designers like me, still at the beginning of their careers, turning dreams into real and successful products. Pedrali believes in ideas with a mixture of audacity and exceptional talent, and it is often difficult to understand where one ends and the other begins.

CMP Design

Pedrali is a famous brand, an excellent quality producer, and over the years, after many happy collaborations, for us it is above all a place where we meet people we like. If you are not familiar with industrial production, it is difficult to imagine how many people are involved in the manufacture of any object. The "know-how" is in the hands of the people who work in the company, with their own story, their own personality, their attitude towards the dialogue. Each project is an adventure that begins with an idea, in the form of a drawing, which, once shown, involves people. When a design is liked, each person gives the best of himself, the gratuitousness, the invention, the expertise to transform the idea into something real.

After years of collaboration with Pedrali we can state that the greatest value that results from a design project is the creation of a climate of productive happiness generated by exchange of ideas between all people involved. What makes us feel good works well. Interpersonal relationships are the key to the creative process. The fact that this is possible, and desired and sought after, is what makes Pedrali our favorite place for "special" projects.

Busetti Garuti Redaelli

This year, we celebrate 10 years of collaboration with Pedrali! What has made working with Pedrali truly special over these years is undoubtedly the respect and care with which they approach the development of a new product. Working together with Pedrali on a new project is always very exciting. The people at Pedrali demonstrate absolute respect for our concept and meticulous attention to detail, guaranteeing a final result that not only satisfies but exceeds our expectations.

We have the opportunity to follow the development of the product through all its stages, defining every detail meticulously to stay true to the essence of the initial concept while simultaneously creating a product that meets the highest quality standards. The same care and attention with which Pedrali conducts product development are clearly reflected in how they present the product to the public through photos, catalogues, trade fairs, etc. Each image or set is masterfully crafted to capture the essence, qualities, and unique characteristics of each product, and it is truly rewarding. Moreover, we cannot fail to mention the personal relationships that have developed over the years with Giuseppe and Monica Pedrali and all the extraordinary collaborators with whom we've had the pleasure to work, which further adds to what makes collaborating with Pedrali truly special.

Alessandro Busana

Pedrali was certainly one of the most important companies for my professional career. Way back in 2010, I introduced myself as a complete stranger but, thanks to the company's far-sighted approach, openness and listening to young designers (an uncommon mind-set at the time), a relationship was born, which to define as professional is certainly demeaning. In fact, in the first years of collaboration, Giuseppe Pedrali was a sort of mentor with whom I was able to establish a constructive and passionate exchange of skills, an exchange that led to the birth of successful products that I carry in my heart above all for their development and evolution path. T.S. Elliot wrote: "it is the journey, not the destination, that matters", and it is exactly what fascinates me in collaborating with Pedrali.

Claudio Bellini

Pedrali is an Italian company that, since its founding in the early 1960s, has been able to innovate and renew itself, keeping up with the times, making room for research and sustainability, calling on some of the happiest pens in the world of design and architecture to collaborate, always looking ahead. For me, therefore, working with Pedrali means being part of all this: history, tradition, know-how, made in Italy, but also and above all innovation, avant-garde, attention to raw materials and processing, green philosophy and environmental responsibility.

Claudio Dondoli and Marco Pocci

We have a relationship that has lasted more than 20 years with Pedrali, and I think the collaboration has become special because of the harmony between us. The projects carried out in shared steps, the meetings dedicated to the industrialization of the product and its final aesthetic, have been levers of growth for our studio. Together we learned to design by refinement, starting with the desire to create innovation, solutions for the market then confronting with technologies, materials and different suppliers. Now Pedrali is "big," recognized in the market and distributed worldwide, what could be more special!?

Eugeni Quitllet

I love my creative relationship with Pedrali since the first moment we met, the precision of their needs and the clear goals to perfectly meet the needs of users and future users in the best quality and affordable budgets to give access to beautiful, functional products realized with the high precision and technology! My philosophy in design goes in that direction too! I always look forward to a new project and a new challenge with the guarantee that we will make it perfect!!! My logo and the signature we put on all our designs reflect this relationship perfectly! "Pedrali ❤️ Eugeni Quitllet" and vice versa!

Marco Merendi & Diego Vencato

Pedrali is a company that knows how to do its job. They are precise, punctual and attentive: they care that things are done in a certain way. They never bite off more than they can chew: each product has to be perfect before reaching the market and therefore they take the necessary time to achieve the best result. It is not a common thing for all companies. It's a pleasure to work with them.

Cristian Gori

I was in my early twenties when I met and started working with Pedrali, everything seemed complex and out of my reach. I credit this company with the ability to put the designer at the center of the project, within the product development processes from its embryonic conception.

The human factor is fundamental, man is at the center of everything, and the analysis of his needs with regard to the world of furniture and all other sectors, are the basis for starting to design. Pedrali has understood this very well and thanks to this all the designers it collaborates with feel part of the process and thus have the possibility to express themselves at their best.

Daniele Lo Scalzo Moscheri

Working for Pedrali is a special experience in which the pursuit of excellence and detail are combined with the ambition of the Company to transfer design to a very large market. I believe that respect for the cultural heritage that becomes a product and then a language is a characteristic that unites me to the brand.

Marcello Ziliani

Working with Pedrali is interesting because of the feeling of dealing with interlocutors who are almost obsessed with the goal of achieving the best possible result for a project.

Alberto Basaglia and Natalia Rota Nodari

Expertise, desire to do and innovate while cultivating human relationships. This and much more makes the collaboration with Pedrali special. With Monica and Giuseppe we have always shared a passion for a job that pushes us to go beyond, towards perfection, be it a project or an object. Company and designers in constant dialogue and mutual listening. Without it, it would be impossible to design something that is new. This is why we feel special in our turn, aware that every gesture we make has inevitable effects on the company, those who work there, on society and the environment.

Almost fifteen years have passed since our meeting, but the emotion is renewed on every occasion. We are proud to experience the company's constant successes, such as the most recent Salone del Mobile.Milano at which our products completed the design of all the spaces on the stand. To be part of a unique entrepreneurial history for Italy, in a sector such as design that is an excellence, it is an honour and to celebrate the 60th anniversary with them is a milestone that we also feel as if it were partly a little bit ours. Working for Pedrali makes us special.

Enrico Franzolini

Love and passion for high quality design.

Luca Casini

Perfection and passion. The meeting with Pedrali leaves no one indifferent. Every designer knows that the quality of their project development is closely linked to the principles, organization and resources of the manufacturing Company and collaborating with Pedrali means generating added value to the initial design concept. The project immediately becomes a shared idea, the owners in person and the highly trained R&D team participate with their skills in the definition of the product in every detail. For a designer these are fundamental aspects, you are in good hands here.

Visiting the Company, I was obviously impressed by the quality level of the production structures, by the new generation equipment, robots and adopted systems and, last but not least, by the architecture of the headquarters and the automated warehouse. All-round efficiency, the result of a meticulous mentality, passion, work and intelligence which translates into an impeccable image of the Company, today a decisive value in the perception of each individual product and its history. A further important note, at Pedrali human relationships are highly regarded, despite the big Company size one has not the feeling of being in front of a large; determination on common goals but also cordiality and kindness, a beautiful energy, an enviable environment that makes discussion and work pleasant.

Marc Sadler

I must confess that working with Pedrali is not always easy. Giuseppe is a very competent person who knows exactly what he wants and what the Company needs. This is both the positive and the negative side of the story. You have to have good arguments to convince him of a project idea, which is not given for granted, but once he has bought into it, he becomes the best possible partner for that idea, doing everything possible to turn it into a product. Regarding the positive aspects the answer is simple: Pedrali is a company with cutting-edge technology within a perfectly run-down organisation, also from a commercial point of view. A first-class company that has become the leader in its sector and, not content with that, continues to constantly improve even in the field of sustainability.

Jorge Pensi

Working with Pedrali is: To feel an enormous respect from the company towards our work, an Immense satisfaction of having conceived together products that are already iconic, a personal relationship that makes Pensi Design Studio feel like part of the family. Working together. THE BEST IS YET TO COME.