"Blume lounge armchair" by Sebastian Herkner. Art direction: Studio FM, Styling: Studio Salaris

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Three times different

What's new? That is probably the question most frequently asked during the supersalone in Milan. Pedrali has three answers at once: "Blume", "Ila" and "Caementum".
by Anna Moldenhauer | 9/5/2021

Versatility is a trait that Pedrali masters effortlessly. The Italian furniture manufacturer is therefore presenting a trio of the latest product innovations at this year's supersalone in Milan: "Blume" by Sebastian Herkner and "Ila" by Patrick Jouin, the latest collections, have been expanded. The new collection "Caementum" by Marco Merendi and Diego Vencato will also celebrate its premiere in Milan. "My 'Blume' collection for Pedrali is all about elegance, sophistication and attention to detail," explains Sebastian Herkner. Decorative and functional, he has designed the seven-leaf profile made of extruded aluminium that forms the basis for the chair, the lounge chair and the side tables in the collection. A new addition is an armchair, also available in a lounge version: with armrests flared slightly outwards, the profile forms a frame and reinforces the inviting impression of taking a seat on the generous upholstery made of polyurethane foam. Gently curved, it looks as if the armrests, feet and backrests merge seamlessly into one another. In a shiny finish of brass or bronze, grey or black and with covers of exclusive fabrics, "Blume" radiates the elegance of a time when glamour was still writ large. Screws and connections remain hidden, the sweeping geometry of the lines is enhanced by discreet darts. These latest additions to the "Blume" collection are also stackable and thus ideally suited for use in the catering and hotel industry. Sebastian Herkner has also thought about sustainability: each element of the "Blume" is removable if necessary and can be easily replaced.

The "Ila" armchair by Patrick Jouin is more minimalist in design, but just as demanding in terms of comfort and workmanship. The inside as well as the dynamically shaped seat are reinforced with flexible polyurethane foam so that they gently adapt to the body of the sitter. The solid base has been added to with a four-legged frame made of solid ash, which provides Scandinavian echoes. Moreover, another variation is possible: by choosing the truncated cone-shaped base made of steel, "Ila" becomes a throne that can be turned in any direction. Inspired by the iconic "Elda" armchair by Joe Colombo, Jouin has created an armchair-like retreat that, depending on the individual design, can become a solo piece of furniture in the room and, as a statement, needs no other accompaniment. The environmental compatibility of the materials used also plays a role in "Ila", which is why all wooden elements are FSC C114358 certified and lacquered with water-based paints of plant-derived resins.

"Caementum" by Marco Merendi and Diego Vencato is a brand new addition to the Pedrali family. Made of concrete in two sizes, the side table in monolithic construction adds an unusual touch to the range. "Caementum" can be used both indoors and outdoors thanks to its robust material. For the processing of the cement, Pedrali has developed a procedure together with the designers that makes the concrete look surprisingly velvety. The top of the rounded table top is completely smooth and easy to clean. For easier positioning, the inside of the base has been recessed and fitted with a nylon foot to protect the surfaces on which it stands. The base, meanwhile, has the tiny holes typical of the material, which appear curated in contrast to the immaculate storage surface. The vertical recesses give it its archetypal character – "Caementum", an essential building block, as its Latin name suggests. Merendi and Vencato have managed to give the raw material an unexpected grace with an alternation of fine and coarse aggregates as well as gentle transitions and curves. In addition to the typical concrete colouring in dark grey, Pedrali also offers the new side tables in light grey and terracotta – two versions that only reveal the material at second glance. In order to keep the production cycle environmentally friendly during the colouring process and at the same time maximise the life of the products, only natural oxides and water-based dyes are mixed into the concrete for this purpose. In this way, the colours remain durable for a long time, even in changing weather conditions.
With "Caementum", "Ila" and "Blume", Pedrali offers an exciting excerpt from the current programme at supersalone and shows how ecological compatibility and aesthetic diversity can be combined in the industrial production of furniture.

Pedrali @ supersalone

5 - 10 September 2021
Hall 3, Stand A21

"Caementum" by Marco Merendi and Diego Vencato for Pedrali