Peter Wirz

Laufen: Three questions to Peter Wirz

The interdisciplinary and international team of the design studio Vetica accompanies development processes of industrial products in form and function – such as for the premium brand Laufen, with whom the industrial designer and mechanical engineer has a long-standing collaboration. His new collection will be on show at the ISH in Frankfurt am Main from 13 to 17 March 2023.

Anna Moldenhauer: Mr Wirz, you have been working with Laufen for over 20 years. How has your design for the leading premium bathroom brand changed over the years until today?

Peter Wirz: After more than 20 years of close cooperation with Laufen, our design maxims and attitude towards the "democratic design approach" have not changed significantly. What Laufen has always expected from me and my design team is that our design work captures the zeitgeist in the bathroom and thus inspires a majority of customers in different markets. What has changed massively over time, however, are the different technical production possibilities, as well as new innovative materials such as "sapphire ceramics" and, last but not least, the increased demands of customers and the trade. A milestone was the joint development of the Cleanet Riva and Cleanet Navia shower toilet product categories with the world's first "ceramic unibody" concept. A shower toilet made entirely of ceramic, without unhygienic joints and plastic inserts.

Each of your series has its own character and yet allows for a harmonious combination. What features does the creation of a universal bathroom design need?

Peter Wirz: That's right, the Laufen Pro, Moderna or the new Meda Collection series each have a different character, but they are related to each other. We work according to the principle of modularity, practicality and combinability within each collection we design. In addition, we pay attention to the customer relevance of the respective solutions, as well as the brand conformity with a premium brand like Laufen.

What further developments and new collections will you be presenting with Laufen at ISH 2023 in Frankfurt am Main?

Peter Wirz: At this year's ISH, we will be presenting our "newest baby", the Meda Collection, for the first time. This is very much in line with our previous product solutions for Laufen and underlines the Laufen brand's clear claim to leadership as a global full-service provider in the bathroom.

Laufen @ ISH 2023
13 - 17 March 2023
Hall 3.1, Stand B51

ISH 2023 World's Leading Trade Fair for HVAC + Water
Ludwig-Erhard-Anlage 1
60327 Frankfurt am Main

Interview mit Peter Wirz