Foldable and easy to assemble, the minimalist Miura table from Plank is extremely functional.

An enduring player

Functional, aesthetic, extraordinary: The products by Italian firm Plank are a reliable guarantee for quality – that also goes for the Miura table.
by Anna Moldenhauer | 1/30/2019

You need only glance at its corporate history to appreciate that Plank is synonymous with constancy: Founded back in 1893 the firm, which has always been family run, began serial production of wooden chairs in 1953. It has constantly kept abreast of technological developments, rapidly moving from its initial heavy reliance on craftsmanship to a focus on industrial production. Plank’s current profile was shaped by its many years of cooperation with selected renowned designers such as Konstantin Grcic, Naoto Fukasawa and Biagio Cisotti + Sandra Laube.

The result: chairs, stools and table systems that not only boast a striking character but are practical to boot, and what is more can be used both indoors and outdoors. One such example is the Miura table by Konstantin Grcic, which was originally developed as a table for the Miura stool, but has emerged as a stand-alone, flexible table system. Foldable and easy to assemble, the minimalist table is extremely functional. The laminate, metal or MDF tabletop rests on powder-coated metal tripod legs. For dismantling, the legs can be easily removed from the central threaded rod. Color accents can take the form of a tabletop in black, white or traffic red. And for easy handling, Plank has developed a carriage on which the folded tables can be transported stacked behind one another.

In further proof of its adaptability, the Miura table can be linked to form rows in the versions with a square and rectangular top. As such, depending on requirements the Miura table can be a stand-alone item or combined with others to form a continuous surface, while a rotating mechanism ensures the tables remain connected. “The Miura table is a strong product and highly flexible in terms of use,” says Michael Plank.

Depending on the height of the "Miura" table, the "Miura" and "Myto" chairs by Konstantin Grcic are the perfect companions.
The top in full laminate, metal or MDF is supported by a powder-coated metal tripod frame.
The versatility of the Miura table is also demonstrated by its ability to be connected in rows in the square and rectangular top version.
For easy handling, Plank developed a trolley on which the tables can be easily transported one behind the other with the surface folded up.
Accents can be set with the colouring in black, white or traffic red.
The Miura Table by Konstantin Grcic, which was originally developed as a table for the Miura Stool, has developed into an independent and flexible table system.