Prostoria 2022: SABOT

Prostoria's "Sabot" sofa system offers multi-layered configuration options due to its modularity, providing great spatial flexibility.

Prostoria's "Sabot" sofa system, designed by Benjamin Hubert, allows for flexible seating landscapes. Rooms can be played with in such a way that they are precisely tailored to the respective users, as "Sabot" offers modular units that can be playfully arranged. A characteristic design element is the filigree wooden feet on which the individual modules seem to float. These can be arranged linearly or, with the help of connecting elements, into islands. It is thus possible to plan sofas with two, three and four seats or asymmetrical s-shaped geometries. The "Sabot" range also includes elements such as tables, poufs or planters, which provide additional flexibility and are particularly suitable for lobbies, reception rooms or break areas.