Overnighting amongst the vines

At the Sacromonte Landscape Hotel guests have their own personal bungalows in the midst of the marvelous countryside in Uruguay.
by Fabian Peters | 10/25/2019

At the beginning is the terroir. The ground here in the Sacromonte Vineyards, just under 150 kilometers away from Uruguay’s capital Montevideo, is stony. The steep slopes of the vineyards in the Sierra Carapé point northwards. The soil is full of slate and granite. French grapes flourish here: Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah, not to mention Tannat, the dark grape from the south of France that is widespread in Uruguay. The winemakers in Sacromonte turn it into extraordinary wines.

MAPA Architects have embedded the Sacromonte Landscape Hotel into this unusual landscape. It consists of a total of 13 bungalows that have been positioned at the most attractive points in the vineyards. All of these container-like pavilions were prefabricated in Montevideo using steel frames and then transported to Sacromonte. There they were erected on the organically shapes pedestals made from local stone.

The broad front of each bungalow is made of reflective glass, mirroring the surrounding countryside. In this way, the small buildings become almost immaterial. On both sides, the rectangular cabins boast small verandas that can be closed off by louver doors. Layered split logs act as the cladding for the rear of each bungalow, which houses a small bathroom, a kitchenette, a fireplace and a reading cubbyhole.

Winding paths connect the bungalows and meander through the countryside. They stage our path through nature. They lead to the wine cellars (complete with restaurant), to the reception with the wine shop, and to the panorama terrace for wine-tasting. An open chapel has also been erected on Sacromonte – the “holy mountain” – and from it you can let your gaze wander across the glorious countryside of the Sierra Carapé.

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