The "Axiom" indoor station from Siedle on the "Ponte" table from e15 with cable management system

From outside to inside

Successful design cannot work without the right frame. For this reason, Siedle has obtained support from the e15 furniture label for the new "Axiom" indoor station.

Good industrial design around door bell and mailbox has long been the domain of Siedle.  "Axiom", the new indoor station for building communication, is no exception. Eric Degenhardt has designed a wall-mounted and a free-standing version of "Axiom". Especially with the latter, Degenhardt has made an exemplary design. He paid particular attention to giving the station an attractive appearance from all sides - and not just the side with the control panel. After all, when the station is set up on a counter, for example, customers only see the back of it. Degenhardt lends tension to this perspective by releasing himself from a symmetrical arrangement and right angle. The result is a dynamic structure of forms that nevertheless follows the tradition of German industrial design. "Axiom" is optionally available with a (wireless) handset, which fits the station very well. In addition to internal building communication, this also enables internet telephony. "Axiom's" large display can also be used to control Smart Home applications.

Especially for "Axiom", e15 has developed a 180-degree rotating docking station.
Designer Eric Degenhardt

In order to fully emphasise the design qualities of the free-standing "Axiom" variants, Siedle has teamed up with one of the top addresses for sophisticated furniture design in Germany - the Frankfurt label e15. They have been dealing with the subject of cable management for some time now, so that the ever-growing flood of electrical supply lines does not destroy all design efforts. e15 has taken on the "Axiom" model for furniture assembly in particular. In this case, an adapter screwed to the lower surface makes it possible to dispense with the wide stand that is otherwise required to set up the station. This adapter places e15 on a turntable in the table top and guides the cable through an opening into a cable duct below. In combination with the formal language of the e15 tables, which is often reduced to the extreme, "Axiom" thus develops an almost object-like impression. (fap) 

"Axiom" in the version for wall mounting
Free-standing "Axiom". The stand also serves as a tray.
The stand is not required for the furniture mounting version.