"Blend" Stools by Nendo, "Seiton" Kabinett by OEO Studio and Luminaire "Haro" by Space Copenhagen

Fine Lines

Stellar Works is currently presenting the first highlights of its new collections for this year. The modular designs were creatively masterminded by Nendo, OEO Studio, Neri&Hu and Space Copenhagen. They will be followed with pieces by Sebastian Herkner and Tom Fereday.
by Anna Moldenhauer | 6/4/2020

“Blend”, “Frame” and “Kite” are the names of the latest newcomers that Stellar Works is presenting this week together with Nendo – a bar stool, an armchair and a multifunctional steel frame system. Oki Sato, founder of Nendo, has as we have come to expect given his pared-back designs a lovely twist such that they possess a quite idiosyncratic character. “Blend” stands on only three legs, and yet is highly stable. Its shape brings the famous pose of the thinker to mind, with his legs bent up and his elbows resting on his knees. If you want to do the same while sitting on the bar stool and give yourself over to your thoughts, then you can simply leave your feet resting comfortably on the bent cross-struts. Since as we all know the mind needs free scope to wander, “Blend” also comes in five different versions to encourage personal expressivity. “Kite”, by contrast, is the armchair Nendo has devised for Stellar Works and can be integrated into small rooms such as to take up little space without at the same time spelling any loss of comfort. The central element is the star-shaped backrest. It can be set independently of the seat, for example when it comes to the desired height. Leaving as much scope as possible for adapting it to different needs and architectures likewise constitutes the essence of “Frame”: The L-shaped steel frame system offers you all manner of possibilities, from shelving and a clothes stand to providing the base frame onto which various hooks and accessories such as mirrors can be fastened.

Modular und elegant

Neri&Hu, Creative Directors at Stellar Works, are also launching a design of their own, a stackable chair called just that – “Stack”. It is the very first in the Stellar Works range. A refined tubular steel frame throughout supports and embraces the oval backrest and the round seat, both made of wood – their slight curvature make sitting truly comfortable. If you want to change the somehow industrial look of the chair, then choose from one of a variety of frame colors. “Stack” is also available in plastic or as an upholstered version. Likewise modular is the “Seiton” system that OEO Studio have designed together with Stellar Works: From cupboards to shelves, be it free-standing or fit to a wall, the combination of wood, steel and brass elements encourages any number of different possible uses.

Stellar Works is already offering an idea of the forthcoming items designed by Space Copenhagen and Sebastian Herkner: With its “Haro” luminaires collection Space Copenhagen balances an opaline glass shade on three refined metal feet to foster a pronounced sense of visual lightness. Sebastian Herkner will celebrate his creative debut with Stellar Works with a flexible wardrobe named “HOST”; it is castor-based and has a modular interior that can be easily adapted as requirements change. "For this year’s collection, we were focussed on creating furniture pieces that breaks away from the obvious typology of sofas and dining chairs. We were interested in adding character pieces that would augment the existing collection and at the same time take on the personality of the designers.", says Neri&Hu.

"Kite" by Nendo