STYLEPARK ZOOM IN with RelvãoKellermann


Ana Relvão and Gerhardt Kellermann are among the most remarkable young designers in Germany. Their work is firmly rooted in the tradition of German industrial design, which always develops the form from the function of the respective object. In this way they achieve designs that are both beautiful and technically convincing in their objectivity. Customers like Samsung, Huawai, COR and Bulthaup appreciate this. But RelvãoKellermann not only inspire as a product designer: their exhibition architecture for Stylepark and the office furniture specialist Gumpo, whom they supervise as Creative Director, also reveal a keen sense of spatial effect and staging.

Close, unaffected, direct - "STYLEPARK ZOOM IN" is a personal and free interview format. In a video chat, we talk to designers, architects and personalities of the design industry about current topics. The present deliberately spontaneously depicted in a snapshot: what is on your mind at the moment and what are you working on? "STYLEPARK ZOOM IN" does not claim to be a big portrait - it is a sketch, a memoir, a snapshot.