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RELVÃOKELLERMANN develop and create new products and objects together with its clients by constantly analysing, researching and solving problems, by discovering new usages and scenarios with an eye for new materials/technologies and changes in the current society.

Having an open interdisciplinary working field is beneficial for our clients, it gives the possibility to interact and profit from a wide range of disciplines. This also includes collaborations with a network of other types of expertise on a project-to-project basis, having the ability to react quickly and adapt to meet all project’s requirements.

Portuguese born Ana Relvao, graduated in 2009 in product design by the Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Lisbon. Her interest in products lead her to apprenticeships throw Miguel Vieira Baptista, Stefan Diez Office or Designaffairs, between Lisbon and Munich. Relvao thus recognizes the importance of innovation, mostly driven by new materials and technologies, or high-end quality, whether an object is made by the industry like the Bulthaup kitchens (master pieces of quality) or handmade by an artisan, like Ervilha Criativa objects, where no machine in the world could make it better.

Back in 2012, Gerhardt Kellermann started his own industrial design and photography studio in Munich. His designs bribe by the harmonic interplay of hard and soft elements and they thereby convince with maximal functionality. Thereby Kellermann already combines the spirit of design with innovative ideas, in order to create some inspiring novelties. Kellerman is inspired by arts, design, fashion, music and film. That’s a creative cosmos, out of which Kellermann grows and which also develops his works of industrial design and photography. Kellermann is also invited teacher at the Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart, Saarbrücken and Braunschweig.