gumpo Flipchart

Presented: Orgatec 2018, Cologne | Year of design: 2018 | Design: RELVÃOKELLERMANN
gumpo Flipchart

A new generation of furniture: Normcore

gumpo is launching a new collection. Normcore has been created in collaboration with the Munich-based design studio Relvãokellermann and contains furniture with a clear and distinct design language that blends into its environment. It is certainly more than suitable for the modern office. However, what is more important: This furniture does not dominate its location. It is laid-back, reduced – and fits simply in our time. An accelerated world of work demands simple solutions. Solutions that can be combined perfectly together. Like our collection.

gumpo flipchart

For fast and furious brainstorming, a flipchart is often the best solution. Simple, but not ordinary, Relvãokellermann’s design offers enough space for ideas. It consists of three panels, whose horizontal one can be used as a shelf for pens and tools, while bracing and securing the structure. Due to castors, the flipchart can be easily moved.

Coated panels

gumpo Flipchart
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