Design in every detail

The "TECEdrainprofile" shower profile from Tece gives the shower an elegant appearance and ensures optimum drainage.

Bathrooms are becoming increasingly important as places of retreat. A successful design helps to enjoy one's own bathroom accordingly. Details that ensure a uniform appearance and guarantee a clean finish play a major role in the actual implementation. One example of this is the "TECEdrainprofile" from Tece, a shower profile that can be shortened on both sides with a handsaw for installation flush with the niche. This not only enables easy installation, but also ensures an elegant appearance. The "TECEdrainprofile" thus creates a spacious feeling by integrating itself inconspicuously into the bathroom architecture as part of the floor. At the same time, it ensures optimum drainage due to an internal slope.

The niche-flush installation eliminates the need for small-scale, time-consuming and often visually unattractive adjustment of lateral tile pieces. Instead, the shower profile is flush with the wall across the entire width of the shower area. Especially large format tiles can thus develop their full visual effect, and it is also possible to use only one large floor tile for the shower area. This is also possible in particularly large showers, as the "TECEdrainprofile" is available as an XXL version in brushed stainless steel with a length of up to 1600 millimeters. In addition, Tece offers the standard lengths of 800, 900, 1000 and 1200 millimeters. "For the first time, the shower profile has made it possible to dispense with tile pieces on the side and allow installation flush with the niche, since shower channels actually require tile pieces on the side in order to be able to connect the seal securely and in compliance with the standard," says Christian Schmalzel, Product Manager Drainage Tece, about the concept.

In addition to the clean appearance, the "TECEdrainprofile" also provides multi-layered design scenarios: For example, the standard lengths of the shower profile are available in the colors "Gold Optic", "Red Gold" as well as "Black Chrome" and "Black". This not only offers a great deal of freedom in bathroom design, but also the possibility of coordinating the shower drainage system with the fittings and accessories of the shower, the washbasin, and even the toilet actuation plate, in the form of "TECEsquare Metal". In the process, the drainage solutions from Tece are color-coordinated with the fittings from hansgrohe/Axor and can be combined with the collections of other fittings manufacturers. For this purpose, the visible stainless steel elements are refined using PVD technology, which not only makes them highly scratch and abrasion resistant, but also ensures high brilliance and color intensity. "We wanted to open up the possibility of incorporating the shower drainage into the color accent design in the bathroom. The drainage body often remains in the building structure for decades and cannot easily be replaced in the meantime. This meant that a particularly durable and resistant color coating was a prerequisite for us," explains Christian Schmalzel.

The "TECEdrainprofile" is very easy to maintain: An internal slope in the shower profile optimizes water drainage, which means that less dirt and limescale can settle. In addition, the internal slope prevents puddle formation, which could otherwise occur due to tolerances during installation. Shower water is drained via the shower profile slope directly into the drain, which is located under the center of the profile. Thanks to a special "push function", the profile cover can be folded up with a targeted finger pressure and the odor trap can be removed for cleaning without the need for tools. Last but not least, the "TECEdrainprofile" offers fast and safe installation across all trades thanks to sophisticated product details. For example, the factory-fastened and clickable sealing collar makes the sealing connection safe and easy. The special adjustment function of the shower profile enables the tiler to precisely align the shower profile with the tile backsplash. This not only ensures smooth installation during the construction process, but also a successful design down to the smallest detail.