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Product description

The extremely flat TECEsquare toilet flush button is largely built into the wall. Only a two millimetre thick plate of brushed stainless steel remains visible. This new type of toilet flush button has already won several design prizes.

Toilet flush

buttons are the visible interface to the technology elements concealed behind the wall, in the same way as a light switch, for example. With TECEsquare, TECE is aiming to integrate this technology interface in the bathroom architecture and is exploiting

the effect of pure stainless steel. The button is for the most part built into the wall with the help of a special assembly frame. Only the extremely flat stainless steel plate, which has a depth of just two mm, remains visible. The functionality is self

-explanatory – three narrow seams indicate the buttons for actuating the flush: one large button for full flush and a smaller one for reduced flush.

TECE has applied an extremely thin, abrasion-resistant protective layer to the surface of the stain

less steel plate. As a result, fingerprints are not visible after use. However, the typical appearance and special feel of the brushed stainless steel are retained.

TECEsquare in stainless steel has already been awarded the “Design Plus” prize 2009

and the Red Dot Design Award 2010, and has been nominated for the German Design Award 2011.

The TECEsquare flush button is available with a glass surface as well as in stainless steel. The glass version can be installed in two ways: It can be moun

ted in the usual way on the wall or completely flush with the tiles. Installation flush with the tiles is achieved with a special assembly frame. A prerequisite for installing all TECEsquare buttons is the use of a TECE concealed cistern with a dual flush


Type of construction of fittingswall version
Materialstainless steel

TECE, Germany