The bathroom’s many faces
von | 3/9/2012

Bathrooms can have a variety of shapes and yet still remain a functional place where we wash and cleanse ourselves. The range of different bathroom typologies to be designed is as diverse as the requirements planners square up to. From a bathroom in a very confined space through the customary family bathroom to wellness oases in lofts – level access shower systems need to adjust to the room in both planning and aesthetic terms.

These criteria are all met by Dallmer's drainage systems. Linear shower drains with covers in glass, polished metal and teak, or a floor drainage system boasting stainless steel or bronze covers. Solutions that are as functional as they are aestetically pleasing in terms of design.

The "Room saving bath" in floor plan view, also visualized with the CeraLine channel drain
Floor plan: "Standard bath room renovated" with CeraLine or alternatively SimpliLine shower trays
In a confined space: In the "Mini bath" every centimeter counts. Planned with CeraNiveau floor drain
For the design of a private, luxurious bath shower drain systems as CeraLine with an essay in teak are suitable | Illustrations © Dallmer, montage © Stylepark
The "Room saving bath" in an isometric view
"Standard bath renovated" in an isometric view
"Mini bath" in an isometric view


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