Thonet 2022: S 220

Kim Colin and Sam Hecht from the Industrial Facility design studio have translated the formal and material heritage into the present for Thonet: "S 220" is the name of their shaped wooden chair, whose lines are inspired by the classic "214" bentwood chair.

The ergonomic seat shell with its organic form of the "S 220" chair thus finds its contrast in the airy frame made of tubular steel: "The S 220 stands for a careful material transfer from bentwood to shaped wood and tubular steel, resulting in a new form that appears familiar and yet contemporary. The chair positions the material moulded wood where it belongs today: it is material-efficient and convinces with a design language that is fed by the heritage of Thonet and has relevance today as well as in the future," says Sam Hecht. On request, armrests made of bentwood continue the elegant dynamics of the basic form. Stackable and robust, the "S 220" chair by Industrial Facility for Thonet can be used flexibly in any context. (am)