Conscious luxury

Villa Copenhagen combines luxury and resource-saving action. Various AXOR products in the hotel bathrooms also contribute to this, convincing through their interplay of aesthetics and sustainability.

From a post and telegraph office to a luxury hotel: the neo-baroque facade of Villa Copenhagen in the Danish capital conceals 390 hotel rooms with a special ambience. The house, which dates back to 1912, offers a spatial and design luxury designed by the Universal Design Studio team from London. The individual rooms are conceptualized to serve as a retreat in the hustle and bustle of the big city. This is evident, among other things, in the bathrooms, where the planners opted for products from AXOR. For example, the handmade tiles and custom marble vanities are complemented by AXOR faucets from the "Montreux" collection in "Chrome" as well as "Brushed Black Chrome," an exclusive "AXOR- FinishPlus" surface. " We used the Montreux collection because we were looking for a product that had a heritage feeling, but was still contemporary, especially using the black chrome finish," says Richard McConkey, interior designer at Universal Design Studio.

The eight Shamballa suites at Villa Copenhagen, designed by the planners of the Danish luxury brand Shamballa Jewels, are particularly eye-catching. For the bathrooms, they worked closely with "AXOR Signature" to develop the bejeweled handles in the shape of double thunderbolts, the symbol of Shamballa, for the faucets. Here, the handles are set with a ruby and a sapphire, which symbolize hot and cold water. "AXOR was very open to this idea, which was actually almost unrealizable, and approached the project with a lot of care. It was very helpful for us to have the team from Germany with us, which helped us a lot with the technical aspects, such as the production of the prototypes or the high-quality finish from the very beginning," says Olga Krukovskaya, interior designer at Shamballa Jewels.

In addition to the demand for a luxurious design, Villa Copenhagen also pursues a resource-saving strategy by integrating the incorporation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals into the hotel concept. This is why durable and water-saving AXOR products are used in the bathrooms, for which AXOR even developed a special shower system equipped with the water-saving "EcoSmart" technology. At the same time, the resource-saving measures do not compromise the guest experience – a concept that the Hansgrohe Group design brand describes as conscious luxury. Interior designer Richard McConkey of Universal Design Studio is pleased with the cooperation: " In Scandinavia, there are, and rightly so, very tight water flow rate specifications that we needed to adhere to for the project. AXOR have been excellent in helping us meet those criteria."


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