Perfection as an ongoing process

AXOR has expanded "AXOR Citterio" the fittings collection designed by Antonio Citterio. The result is outstanding thanks to quality craftsmanship and a fine finish.

Conceived by Antonio Citterio back in 2003 today the "AXOR Citterio" fittings collection is a design classic. Here, the Italian star designer combines right angles with soft, round shapes and smooth surfaces that reflect the light in order to create a perfect symbiosis of design and functionality. Simultaneously, even though it is characterized by a consistent design vocabulary the collection permits a large number of individual solutions. One such example: the various handle models such as pin handle and cross handle or the original lever handle. Now AXOR has reinterpreted the design classic and launched a new version of "AXOR Citterio". For instance, it includes a seemingly suspended lever handle whose connection to the faucet is invisible and that can therefore be used more precisely, intuitively and easily.

It is also possible to lend the new lever handle a 3D surface structure known as "diamond cut" as further evidence of the immense scope AXOR offers in the design of its products. For example, with "AXOR Signature" the various fittings can be adapted in length. In addition, it is possible to select special lasered or printed inscriptions. AXOR products also provide an impressive variety as regards color. One example of this: the "AXOR FinishPlus" surfaces that alongside their color depth and reflecting brilliance are also highly scratch-resistant making them highly enduring. The same can be said of the "AXOR Citterio" fittings that are available in classic chrome and a great many "AXOR FinishPlus" surfaces – including Polished Black Chrome and Brushed Gold look.

The range includes 70 products all of which have a consistent design language. For washstands, "AXOR Citterio" offers a one hole and three-hole faucet in different heights and a wall-mounted two hole and three-hole fitting. For the bathtub there is a floor-standing fitting with a hand shower and products for wall mounting, rim mounting or tile mounting not to mention exposed or concealed installation. For the shower the collection offers two shower pipes with single-lever fittings or thermostat, an overhead shower, thermostats for exposed and concealed installation not to mention a series of shut off and diverter valves.

All in all, the result is a collection that stands out for its quality craftsmanship and fine finish – and that is a graphic example of perfection defined as an ongoing process. Antonio Citterio concurs: "Luxury is quality. Not only the perception of quality, but real quality. Anyone can design a pipe, but if you have flat surfaces as in AXOR Citterio then it is not easy to achieve this appearance – here luxury lies in the quality of execution. It is a simple form but you sense the quality workmanship. Anyone who celebrates the daily ritual of washing should do so with beautiful objects like AXOR Citterio."

Axor Citterio


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