Keep your distance

Touch-free operation is a function that has become immensely important as we all try to get to grips with the Corona pandemic. The virus has shown us how quickly germs can be transmitted. Vola has intelligent solutions for comprehensive hand hygiene.
by Anna Moldenhauer | 4/21/2020

Especially in public spaces, sensor-operated faucets and soap dispensers are very helpful in reducing the need for people to touch operating levers. But intelligent solutions also make sense in private bathrooms and guest bathrooms so as to prevent the transmission of bacteria as effectively as possible. Vola offers a varied range of products that ensure a safe feeling when washing your hands: Arne Jacobsen’s minimalist looking HV1 and 111 washstand faucets are also available in hands-free versions. As soon as a hand comes close to the infrared sensor the water flows automatically and has a pleasant temperature that can either be preconfigured or set individually. Fitted with a standard water flow restrictor the product comes with a more effective optional water flow restrictor that not only reduces water consumption from five to three and a half liters per minute but is also easy to fit. In addition, the run-on time of the water which begins after the final contact to the sensor can be regulated if desired from an immediate stop to a run-on time of 20 seconds. “We are also working on software that will make it possible to measure the exact amount of water used. This analysis is intended to make even more effective use of the water,” explains Sven Biermann, Technical Director at Vola GmbH.

Holistic approach

Above all children and persons with restricted mobility benefit from the fact that the sensor reach can be varied. The flow of water can also be triggered by persons who do not manage to position their hand close to the sensor. What is more, thanks to the automatic regulation system there is no danger of the operating lever remaining open by mistake. The water quality in the touch-free Vola faucets is always guaranteed as the stagnation water is automatically rinsed out after 24 hours. This function can be deactivated if desired. And alternatively, both the cleansing mode but also the thermal disinfection can also be regulated remotely.

A suitable companion for the elegant faucets comes in the guise of the built-in RS10 electronic soap dispenser: As soon as a hand in inserted into the round dispenser a sensor is activated, which then ejects a portion of foam soap, liquid soap or disinfectant foam. A control lamp indicates when the dispenser needs to be refilled. The “RS” in the product’s name stands for the “Round Series”, which was designed by Aarhus Arkitekterne. An elegant feature of the collection is its purist border which can be customized and comes in a choice of materials from chrome, chrome matt, brass, brushed stainless steel or PVD and a variety of VOLA colors. The series includes the paper towel dispenser RS2 and the retractable waste bin RS1, that can also be easily operated using the knee. As both are built-in products that are mounted flush with the wall the user’s hands do not have to have any direct contact with surfaces in the bathroom.