Sitting in motion

In three locations in Hamburg, Wagner Living shows just how easily these versatile classic chairs chime with modern bar and restaurant concepts.
Clouds - Heaven's Bar and Kitchen

There is a deeply-rooted connection to the restaurant business at Wagner Living: The “restaurant chair” Moritz Wagner created in 1949 is still a classic to this day. Now, three current projects in Hamburg show that tradition need not stand in the way of development. An indispensable element in adapting this classic seat and largely responsible for achieving maximum comfort in all the related chairs by Wagner Living is the Dondola joint, which allows micromovement of the spine, thus improving circulation as well as relieving pressure on and strengthening it. As “sitting in motion” makes the sitter feel more comfortable, they are likely to remain seated for longer – an important aspect for both the guest and restaurant owner.

In “Clouds – Heaven’s Bar and Kitchen,” which is located on the 23rd floor of the so-called “Dancing Towers” directly on the Reeperbahn, guests were for the first time able to enjoy the seats with a three-dimensional movement concept. The “W1960” restaurant chair and the barstool “W2010” were customized to suit the elegant setting of the city’s highest restaurant. The tables of the “W-Table” Gastro edition are complemented by 4Cube and Lounge modules. Similarly, for the restaurant “Störtebeker” in the Elbphilharmonie the “W1960” served as the starting point for a customized further development. As at “Clouds,” it is accompanied by the barstool “W2010.” The spacious “Captain’s Table” provides guests with ample space. Wagner also provided the upholstery covering for the circumferential seating.

While the atmosphere at “Störtebeker” tends to be somewhat rustic, the motto of the restaurant in Hotel East is “Asia meets clinker.” In a former iron foundry, architect Jordan Mozer has created an almost religious atmosphere by combining unrendered red clinker, stained glass and white columns. To harmonize with the restaurant’s special character, barstools and chairs by Wagner Living feature a comfortable leather seat and a linear frame. Florian Kienast from formwaende has designed and realized the projects "Clouds" and "Störtebeker". (am)

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