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Synchronized with the body’s inner clock

Waldmann has provided ideal working light in Bayer’s head office in Basel.
LED technology and biodynamic light from Waldmann support employee activity and rest phases at Bayer in Basel.

Lighting specialist Waldmann has made for a pleasant working atmosphere in Bayer’s head office in Basel. For example, with its direct and indirect light the suspended luminaire “Idoo.line” ensures uniform light distribution in the meeting areas. And the delicate suspended luminaire “Vivaa” supplies ideal light for the communication hubs in the offices. Fitted with LED technology and biodynamic light, it mimics natural daylight and supports our inner clock by ideally stimulating the body’s activity and resting phases. By harnessing the positive physical effect light has on people, “Human Centric Lighting” or HCL helps foster productive work.

Uniform, biodynamic lighting is provided at the workstations by “Lavigo” floor luminaires, which can be dimmed as needed. Moreover, their minimalist appearance ensures they fit seamlessly into the streamlined design of the open-plan office. And to simplify installation and regulation, Waldmann also developed the NET module, an external Plug & Light controller that is easily fitted in the building. With this module and the interface system “Dali,” HCL luminaires can be connected and controlled easily without the need for any complex configuration. (am)

The filigree pendant luminaire "Vivaa" places the open communication areas in an ideal light.
"Idoo.line" uniformly illuminates the meeting areas with direct and indirect light emission.