Featured Preview – Milan Design Week 2022

During the Milan Design Week, Walter Knoll is showing a fascinating installation in the heart of the city that allows design, art and architecture to become one.

The Rimessa dei Fiori in Milan's Brera district, a former warehouse in post-industrial style, offers 400 square metres of space in the middle of the turbulent Design District. This year, Walter Knoll will be exhibiting in this extraordinary building and thus moving into a location in the city for the first time. Visitors can look forward to an exciting insight into the product innovations of the traditional company on the one hand, and to the creative use of the space as a whole on the other: The space design comes from the multidisciplinary design studio Ippolito Fleitz Group, who are skilled at creating distinctive identities with elements from architecture, product design and communication. Fascinating, space-defining objects are also created by artist Janet Echelman, whose weightless installations enter into a conversation with the space: inspired by the cast nets of fishermen in India, they appear in vibrant colours and staged with soft light, as if Echelman had painted a composition in watercolour in the air, which now flows gently through the space. Milanese florist Irene Cuzzaniti will also adorn the Rimessa dei Fiori with a poetic floral display that will rival the splendour of a baroque floral still life. (am)

Showroom Walter Knoll:

Brera Design District
Rimessa dei Fiori
Via San Carpoforo 9
20121 Milan

Opening hours:

7 - 12 June 2022
Tuesday - Sunday 10 - 20 h

Irene Cuzzaniti
Janet Echelman