What only the giraffe knows
Apr 28, 2015
Furniture create room: Moooi presented 48 new carpets. Photo © Thomas Wagner, Stylepark

Mailand, Möbel, Momente – und ein Album zur Erinnerung

The cornucopia was once again full to bursting and we Milan visitors had a hard time of actually slapping eyes on as many as possible of all the novelties, events and sensations that had been announced in advance.

And we had to learn a few things along the way and establish that:

  1. announcements and press releases tend on occasion to exaggerate that teeny-weeny bit.
  2. despite Google Maps and GPS it’s best to always have a good old printed map of Milan with you.
  3. it’s even better if your shoes fit, and that counts for the ladies, too; if in doubt, go for flip-flops.
  4. you often only hear about the best events by word of mouth on the day, and some of them are spontaneous as it is.
  5. at the moment, and historically speaking, designers like to be inspired by the shapes or a little crescent or even a real bull’s horn.
  6. an invitation can often count for several people, but can just as easily count for nothing.
  7. the concentrated circles of people who ring the bar at Bar Basso when darkness falls tend to reflect an hierarchical order.
  8. once your fatigue has passed you find yourself already looking forward to next year.
So take a look. (mm/tw)
  • Philipp Mainzer from e15 (right) seems happy about the new cooperation with David Chipperfield. Photo © Martina Metzner, Stylepark
  • In the „Garden of Wonders“ there were not only the olfactory installation but also a golden giraffe. Photo © Martina Metzner, Stylepark
  • Smart: “Klapp“ by Steffen Kehrle for Italian manufacturer Area Declic.
    Photo © Sarah Böttger, Stylepark
  • Perfect match: "S 831" by Emilia Becker for Thonet.
    Photo © Thomas Wagner, Stylepark
  • Flötotto likes easter – with a lot of new fabrics and colors for Konstantin Grcic’s „Pro Armchair“. Photo © Martina Metzner, Stylepark
  • Lunch break - asian style. Photo © Martina Metzner, Stylepark
  • Why don’t we try a backpack made out of wood? By Galymzhan Kairalapov from Kazachstan. Photo © Martina Metzner, Stylepark
  • Oscar for the best underpart: ”Luna Cabinet” by Patricia Urquiola for French company Coedition. Photo © Thomas Wagner, Stylepark
  • Tried and decided that we rock rather in driving direction.
    Photo © Thomas Wagner, Stylepark
  • Captivating: Mayflower perfume in the “Garden of Wonders”.
    Photo © Thomas Wagner, Stylepark
  • A bent back, a classic: Hans J. Wegner’s office chair „PP 502" for PP Møbler at Palazzo Litta. Photo © Thomas Wagner, Stylepark
  • Transparency is back! Eugeni Quitllet’s ”Dream’Air” for Kartell.
    Photo © Martina Metzner, Stylepark
  • In the “tunnel of lights“ at Foscarini, designed by Ferruccio Laviani. Photo © Foscarini
  • A bent back, with totems: "Monster Chairs" at Moooi.
    Photo © Thomas Wagner, Stylepark
  • Meinhard follows Mies: Designed in 1975 by Meinhard von Gerkan for the VIP lounge of Berlin's Tegel Airport, Walter Knoll reissues the “Berlin Chair”. Photo © Martina Metzner, Stylepark
  • Handmade lightings made of steel sheet, created by Vittorio Venezia. Photo © Martina Metzner, Stylepark
  • With „Healey Lounge“ and its pipe quilting PearsonLloyd pay tribute to classical cars at Walter Knoll. Photo © Thomas Wagner, Stylepark
  • Welcome at the storage: the little Manitou at the booth of Vitra.
    Photo © Martina Metzner, Stylepark
  • 50 years USM Haller – and still amazing.
    Photo © Thomas Wagner, Stylepark
  • Spanish label Nanimarquina reinterprets the kilim.
    Photo © Thomas Wagner, Stylepark
  • Fashion meets design: reception with Bethan Laura Wood (center) at Tory Burch with PR Manager Anna Oberhauser and Alison Wade from Stylepark. Photo © Martina Metzner, Stylepark
  • „We are the most disturbed people we ever met“: Gilbert & George and an unknown man at the Jörg Schellmann exhibition at Moroso. Photo © Thomas Wagner, Stylepark
  • A man and his chair: Stefan Diez and “Yard” for Emu.
    Photo © Martina Metzner, Stylepark
  • Eclipse of the sun: Arper launched new acoustic panels by Lievore Altherr Molina. Photo © Martina Metzner, Stylepark
  • Copies from us in each seize: 3D print selfies at Ventura Lambrate. Photo © Thomas Wagner, Stylepark
  • Tasty cakes at "Austrian Design Pioneers" by Landtmann.
    Photo © Thomas Wagner, Stylepark
  • Ikea wants to know what we think.
    Photo © Thomas Wagner, Stylepark
  • Jörg Schellmann (right) curated art and design at Moroso showroom. Photo © Martina Metzner, Stylepark
  • Stine Gam and Enrico Fratesi with Daniel von Bernstorff (Stylepark) relaxed at their installation “Mindcraft”.
    Photo © Martina Metzner, Stylepark
  • Design professor and author Markus Frenzl behind “Selfie” by Eske Rex at “Mindcraft”.
    Photo © Martina Metzner, Stylepark
  • Illumination at the cross-coat at the facoltà teologica: carpets by Nodus. Photo © Sarah Böttger, Stylepark
  • With a twist: ”Les Danseuses” by Atelier Oï for Artemide.
    Photo © Martina Metzner, Stylepark
  • … networking at the Pedrali booth. Photo © Pedrali
  • Memphis at the back.
    Photo © Thomas Wagner, Stylepark
  • Crazy corner: At “Nendo Works 2014 – 2015“ at the Museo della Permanente. Photo © Robert Volhard, Stylepark
  • Flos takes a focus on „Chasen“ by Patricia Urquiola.
    Photo © Robert Volhard, Stylepark
  • Kartell celebrates Sottsass: vases and fabrics from the Memphis archive. Photo © Robert Volhard, Stylepark